Style of Living

September 29, 2021

How to Earn Extra Cash as a Student

It seems that it is common to think that students are short on money and spend most of their time broke. The students that receive a […]
September 29, 2021

Songs that might reflect your boiler

Don’t let problems with your boiler leave you in the cold this winter. Here are some songs about being cold that you certainly don’t want to […]
September 29, 2021

How to Cope With the Loss of a Spouse

Dealing with the loss of a spouse is never easy, and if you don’t have a support network of family and friends, it can be even […]
September 27, 2021

Flower choices for your wedding

As if there wasn’t enough to be worrying about at a wedding, there is also the question of the flowers. Flowers are an essential part of […]
September 27, 2021

Is it best to go to a retirement home?

If you are a few years from retirement it never hurts to consider what your options are when you do finally stop working. Very few people […]
September 27, 2021

How to Look Good at University

It’s September and universities will be welcoming new students into their freshmen year. If you thought that secondary school was where the popularity contests and judgement […]
September 21, 2021

Top Ways You Can Improve Your Garage

If you have renovated your house or are looking to sell, but your garage seems to let the rest of your house down, you’ll want to […]
August 24, 2021
foot exfoliating socks

How to wear foot exfoliating socks?

Getting smooth and hydrated skin is one of the top beauty goals for millions of people. Seasonal changes, sun exposure, manual work or lifestyle can harden […]
May 10, 2021
Vedic Chanting

The Vedic Chanting as a therapeutic tool

The Vedic chanting, with its practice rooted for hundreds of years, is one of the most powerful and effective to calm the mind and meditation tools. […]