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How to view instagram without an account

Instagram is a famous social that has depopulated in recent years. Many of those who previously posted their lives on Facebook have switched to this platform. So if you are curious, you must also have access to the content uploaded on this site to get a complete picture. If you are not a fan of social media and do not want to have an account, you want to see what your friends post, no problem, or discover how to view Instagram without an account. It is impossible to access an Instagram account without a password, be wary of tools or sites that tell you otherwise.

How to make a homemade Minecraft costume

Minecraft continues to be a trend in the world of video games. This successful construction-based video game lets you explore an open world without a specific mission. The aim of the game is free construction through the use of three-dimensional cubes and featuring numerous characters. For all these reasons, Minecraft has become the fashionable video game that already has an educational version applied to the classroom. If this Carnival or Halloween you want to be the most original, we suggest you bet on video game costumes and this one full of pixels is one of the most fun options.

If you are wondering how to make a homemade Minecraft costume, we give you the answer. Steve, Creeper, Ender Dragon, etc. Choose which Minecraft character you want to be and prepare the perfect and most original costume.

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How to make a homemade Minecraft costume?

How to make a homemade Minecraft costume

Using a square box, you can make the disguise many of the Minecraft characters. If you want to surprise people in Carnival dressed as Steve, take note and do the following steps to make a Steve Minecraft costume :

  • Take a square cardboard box and fold the lids inward.
  • Next, cut the eyes to the level of yours, or whoever will disguise Steve as it is also a good Minecraft costume for children to be seen correctly while wearing the costume.
  • To make the inner part more comfortable, put foam rubber on both sides and glue it on, so it will be more fluffy and it will be perfect for holding the box on your head for longer. With the foam rubber, you will achieve, the box is fixed, preventing it from moving and causing discomfort.
  • Now that you have the box ready, it’s time to reproduce Steve’s face, the character chosen for this costume. You have two options: either download a template online, adapt it to the box’s size, or use tempera or paper cutouts to create the mosaic of pixelated squares that will represent Steve’s face.
  • If you use the classic method, you should make the paintings with the following colors: black or brown for the hair and beard, blue for the eyes and different shades of flesh color for the skin.
  • To make the body, you also have two options: either complete the look with jeans and a light blue shirt or continue creating the costume with more boxes.
  • The body will be divided into three separate pieces. You can join them later with liquid glue or leave them separately for much more mobility.
  • Use rectangular boxes, covered at the ends, to create the arms. Remember that they should have the same measurement as the arm of the person who will dress up, so if a box does not work for you, you can join it using ties or glue.
  • The sleeves must be the same light blue as the body and then skin-colored for the rest of the arm and hands, simulating a short-sleeved shirt.
  • To improve comfort, drill two holes at the top of the end of the hands (not front), through which you can also hold Steve’s famous sword or other tools.
  • The body will consist of an elongated box painted sky blue. You can leave it open at the bottom so that the legs come out and wear a denim to finish simulating the character or do the same process to create the pants using shades of dark blue.
  • For the feet, we recommend wearing brown or black sneakers that are comfortable.
  • If you want to make a tool, such as a sword, you can also print it and stick the paper on a cardboard cut out with the appropriate shape or, paint it on said cardboard. Another option is to use thick foam rubber or other similar material in blue and brown shades to create the sword pattern.

Minecraft Dynamite Costume

Among the original video game costume ideas, we find this option: dress up as Minecraft dynamite. It is very simple to do and you can have the most original costume with a large box. Follow these steps to make a homemade Minecraft dynamite costume:

Use a large box. We will not use it on the head as in the previous costume, but it will be for the body. Therefore, you must make two holes through which you can pass your arms and be completely comfortable, as well as a hole in the upper part to be able to insert your head. Take your measurements well or those of whoever will dress up as dynamite for these holidays since this Minecraft costume has to be made to measure to be comfortable.
Once you have the base box made to measure, you must paint it following the dynamite’s design. Paint it red and with the shape of the cartridges, to delimit them you can make a shading of black or darker red, and also leave a band in the center of the body in white, where you can paint the letters “TNT” following the model of the pixelated with squares, so characteristic of this game.

If you want the costume to be much more original, you can complete the illusion by creating a cord or cable that you can place on top and represent the dynamite wick and place a strip of lights that simulate the burning wick.

Ender Dragon Homemade Costume

If you love Minecraft and want to dress up as the dragon character or if you are looking for a good homemade Minecraft costume for a boy or girl and you have thought that this may be the best one, you will have to follow these instructions to make the Ender Dragon homemade costume. To achieve this, you must follow a process similar to the previous ones and use a square box for the head and a smaller and rectangular one to create the dragon’s snout.

Take a large square box, but one that is suitable for the disguise to hold on the head, and fold the lids inward.
Next, cut the eyes to fit the person to be dressed up. Remember that they must be square to continue with the Minecraft aesthetic. You can cover the area with a black gauze type fabric so that it is concealed but can be seen well.
In addition, apart from the eye area to allow visibility, you will have to paint the two large eyes of the dragon with purple, pink or fuchsia, just above the area made to be able to see, as well as paint a piece of the snout simulating the mouth or the tongue if you want it so visible.

  1. Place a smaller and rectangular box across the front of the head. It must be glued horizontally, which will make the muzzle of this character.
  2. The entire face should be created with black, dark gray and light gray paper or tempera. You must simulate the pixelated squares, both in front, behind and on the sides.
  3. Using foam rubber or more cardboard, create small rectangles painted gray and glue them to the back of the box to create the Ender Dragon crest. They should go from the head, through the shirt and the tail.
  4. To create the tail, use black socks, fill it with newspapers, and then sew it to the pants.
  5. Finally, create the wings with felt to give them more mobility. Remember that they must be black and you can include white or gray stripes to make the shape of the wings and make them look much better. Then sew them to the sleeves and armhole of the shirt you will be wearing.
  6. Remember that it is important to wear all black to go as Ender Dragon, so wear comfortable black sneakers to last longer in disguise. The head made from a square box, the crest made of foam or cardboard, the tail and wings made of fabric or felt will add the finishing touch to this costume.

Minecraft zombie costume

If you keep wondering how to make a Minecraft costume for children or if you want to dress up as another character because the previous ones have not convinced you, take note that another of the famous characters in the Minecraft video game is the zombie. So if you are thinking of creating a costume based on the video game, this may be a safe bet. As in the other cases, you can create this costume with the help of two boxes, one for the body and one for the head, or more, if you want to make the maximum possible costume with boxes to have a more pixelated effect. Follow these steps to make the Minecraft zombie costume :

  • Take a square box suitable for the head and fold the lids inward.
  • Cut out the eye holes in the shape of a square.
  • To be the authentic Minecraft zombie, you must paint the head with dark green, light green and even green mixed gray. Remember that they should always be based on little squares that help us think about the video game’s typical pixelation.
  • To create the body, you will need a larger box that you will have to paint in light blue.
  • If you have a green long-sleeved shirt, you don’t have to create full sleeves, but you can always make the arms through two rectangular boxes, as we’ve seen with Steve’s character.
  • The zombie wears short sleeves, so you can make two pieces of light blue cardboard and glue them to the box to simulate short sleeves and then show off your arms with the green shirt.
  • Finally, don’t forget to complete the outfit with some navy blue jeans or encourage yourself to prepare more boxes to make the pants, with the holes for the feet to come out and made in two pieces to allow the knees to bend when walking.
  • For zombie footwear, you can use black, blue or brown sneakers.

Minecraft Creeper Costume

Another good option is to create the Green Creeper costume. As with the previous costumes, you can make the Minecraft Creeper costume by working with cardboard boxes.

Take a good size square box to make the head and fold the lids inside.
Cut out the eye holes in a square shape.
Following an image of the reference of Creeper’s face, make a mosaic reproducing the pixelated squares. The head should be many different shades of green, including green with a hint of yellow or gray, and the mouth and eye contour should be black and dark green. Another possibility is that you look for Minecraft skins in stores since these characters are available in the market, just like Steve’s.
Once you have the head, prepare a larger box to make the body. Remember to make two holes at the arms’ height and one in the upper part that allows you to insert the head.
Drawing the body is very simple. You just have to continue creating the mosaic with the various green tones, from very light green to dark green, but not as dark as the one used for the eyes and mouth’s contour.
Finally, to give a more Creeper feeling, wear completely green, both the shirt and the pants and, if possible, the sneakers.


How long do basketball games last

There are sports in which the matches’ duration is variable and others instead that have a predetermined duration, such as basketball, for example.

How long do basketball games last?

How long do basketball games last

In Italy and Europe, the basketball games last 40 minutes. In American basketball, that is to say. In the NBA tournaments, the last 48 minutes. However, these times are to be considered minimum as they do not consider the intervals between one period and the next, the seconds of recovery in the event of an infringement and any overtime.

In the past, basketball games consisted of 2 periods of 20 minutes each, while now they are characterized by 4 periods of 10 minutes each: each, 12 minutes for the NBA. Between the first and second periods and between the third and fourth periods, there are 2 minutes, while the interval allowed after the first twenty minutes of play is wider, i.e., between the second and the third period. Here, basketball players can rest for 10 minutes before resuming playing.

As for overtime, they are granted if the match ends in a draw and are played until a team score; each overtime lasts 5 minutes.

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Rules of basketball

The playing field

The main basketball competitions are usually played indoors in large multidisciplinary facilities called sports halls, whose ceiling must be at the height of at least 7 m from the playing field, which is a rectangle 15 meters wide and 28 meters long with the floor in wood (mandatory for the most important competitions), rubber or synthetic delimited by lines.
These lines must be 5 centimeters wide and visible, preferably white. The perimeter line delimits the field without being part of it. There must be an area around 2 meters wide without obstacles.
Inside the field, there are other lines, drawn with the same color and always 5 cm wide:

the central one divides the parquet into two halves and must extend 15 cm outside the perimeter line.
The central circle must have a diameter of 3.6 meters.
the free-throw line must be 3.6 meters long and 5.8 meters away from the perimeter line under the basket and centered concerning the width of the court
the semicircles of the free throw lunettes must have a radius of 1.8 meters and are drawn starting from the midpoint of the free-throw line;
the rectangular area, located near the basket called the three-second area, has a base of 4.9 meters, while the length coincides with the free-throw line
the lines of the notches (also called “high post” and “low post”) that delimit the spaces for the bounce are drawn on the outer edge of the three-second area, identifying the place where the five rebounders can position themselves during a free throw.
Within the three-second area, there is a semicircle (commonly called “smile”) with a radius of 1.25 meters, originating in the projection on the ground of the center of the basket that delimits the no-break-through zone.
The three-point throw line, which delimits the three-point throw area, is formed by a semi-circumference 6.75 meters away from the basket and two parallel lines that extend perpendicularly from the baseline, with the outer edge 0.90 m from the inside edge of the sidelines.

The equipment

There are also some basketball rules concerning the equipment: two backboards, two baskets and the related support and protection systems.
The scoreboards are placed inside the playing field, at a distance of 1.20 m from the end line. Usually, the boards are placed on supports that remain almost totally outside the lines of the field. The baskets are hung from the backboards, composed of an iron ring with a diameter of 45 cm and a net of white rope.

The ball

The rules of basketball also concern the ball, which must be spherical, of rough leather or synthetic material, to facilitate the players’ grip even with sweaty hands and be of the right hardness. It is usually orange-brown, with black lines. According to the regulation, the ball can have a circumference that varies between 72.4 cm (women’s competitions) and 78 cm (men’s competitions), with a corresponding diameter of about 23 and 25 cm, respectively, and a weight between 510 and the 753 grams.

The rules of the game of basketball

Two teams of five players each play the match. Each team also has several reserves that can vary from 5 to 7, which can replace the starting players without limitations and, in turn, be replaced. A player who has been substituted may, in any case, return to the field in substitution of a teammate. Only in cases in which a player is assigned 5 fouls or is sent off can he no longer play the game and must be replaced.

How long does a basketball game last?

Each of the two teams aims to score more points than the team by passing the ball inside the opponent’s basket ring (offensive phase) and preventing the players of the other team from doing the same (defensive phase). One team must have scored more points than the other at the end of the match to win.
How long does a basketball game last?
Each session lasts 40 minutes, divided into 4 periods of 10 minutes of actual play each. Between the 2nd and the 3rd session, there is a break ranging from 10 to 20 minutes.
Each team has 24 seconds to make an attack. If it fails, possession passes to the opposing team. The 24 seconds are reset whenever the ball changes possession.
At the end of the 4th period, the match will be extended by another 5 minutes (extra time) and in the event of a further tie, the match will continue to the bitter end.


The points are counted by assigning a score to each basket according to the place where the thrower was and the type of shot taken:

1 point: it is awarded for each goal made by taking a free throw
2 points: are awarded for each goal made by shooting inside the area bounded by the 3-point line.
3 points: are awarded for each goal made by shooting outside the 3-point area.

How to make rice water for hair

Rice is a cereal rich in carbohydrates, antioxidants and minerals that are not only a basic product in a balanced diet but also has qualities that make it also ideal for deeply nourishing hair.

Rice water has been used by Asian women for centuries and applied to their hair as a final rinse after washing. This simple remedy is part of the secret of those enviable smooth and shiny manes, however, it should be noted that the possibilities of rice as an ingredient of hair beauty do not end here. In addition to using rice water, you can also learn how to make rice waters to make your hair stronger, silkier and frizz-free, and in this article, we explain how to make rice water for hair. Take notes and discover how to make a rice hair mask easily and effectively.

How to make rice water for hair?

The so-called Japanese mask is one of the easiest and cheapest to prepare at home. With its simple preparation you can improve your hair health and certain characteristics of hair such as its texture or shine. Folic acid, vitamins B6 and C and minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, selenium or magnesium among others are part of the nutrients that this mask provides and that can restore all its splendor to your hair. Do you want to know in more detail the benefits of the rice hair mask? Here we reveal them to you.

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Stronger hair

Regularly using the Japanese rice water implies providing extra nutrition to the hair follicle, which makes the hair fibers grow healthier and more vigorous. Although it is not scientifically proven that the rice water can make hair grow, it is one of the main reasons why this home remedy is used, since it is believed that the injection of vitamins and minerals provided by this mixture favors hair growth healthier in less time.

Acts against hair aging

It is another of the effects of applying this mask on a regular basis, because among its valuable benefits we also find a great antioxidant power, perfect to fight free radicals, which accelerate cellular aging . Therefore, rice waters can not only help you protect the skin of the scalp, but also the hair fibers themselves.

Fight frizz

As a consequence of the antioxidant properties of this ingredient, the rice water is ideal for repairing damaged hair and making it gain consistency, thus avoiding split ends and the dreaded frizz effect, very common in dry and weak hair. On the other hand, inositol (a natural substance widely used in chemical hair products) stimulates the formation of new cells and improves circulation to the hair follicles, making our hair look much healthier and more nourished.

Smoother and softer hair

Both the starch contained in this cereal and other organic compounds (among which we find the aforementioned inositol), contribute to the rice water mask leaving hair straighter and silky to the touch, working as a natural conditioner that neither damages nor dehydrates hair.

Steps to make a rice hair mask

To make your rice hair mask, you will only have to prepare 2 and a half cups of water for each cup of rice that you are going to use. From here,we recommend you adapt this proportion to the amount of mask you are going to make, always taking into account the length of your hair. With the main ingredients arranged, follow these steps:

Using a wringer, wash the rice under running water to remove any impurities.
Place the washed rice in a saucepan along with the corresponding water according to the quantity. Put it over medium heat.
When the rice comes to a boil, lower the heat to low so it cooks and releases its nutrients slowly. Allow about 10 minutes on the fire after the first boil. During cooking, stir from time to time so that the grain dissolves.
After this time, remove the saucepan from the heat. You will have to check that the rice is completely done and that there is still water in the container.
Allow the rice and water mixture to cool completely to room temperature.

Once cool, mash or blend the rice to make the mask easier to apply to your hair. We recommend adding an extra ingredient to enhance the effects, such as a tablespoon of cornstarch to increase the smoothing power or a tablespoon of virgin olive oil or honey to help nourish and repair it.

For this treatment we advise you to crush or blend the rice directly as we have indicated in the step by step, however, you can also make a rice water mask for your hair by straining the liquid from the pot once the rice has boiled and using just this one for the remedy (and not the rice itself).

Apply the rice hair mask

We have already seen that the rice water provides nutrients and antioxidants that nourish the follicles and promote cell regeneration, but we must bear in mind that it should not be abused and it is not recommended to use it more than once a week, especially in the case of have very dry hair and a scalp prone to flaking.

With these considerations in mind, the rice water can be great for hair care, and the correct way to apply it is as follows:

Check that the mask is completely cool before using it.
You can apply it with your own fingers or with a brush, always starting at the roots and ending at the tips.
With clean and dry hair, spread it over the scalp, separating each strand and gently massaging it with your fingers to facilitate the penetration of nutrients and promote microcirculation in the area.
If you have curly hair and want to keep the shape of your curls intact, just apply the mask exclusively to the scalp. Otherwise, that is, if your goal is to straighten your hair, extend it through the rest of your hair as well.

After this time, remove the mask with plenty of warm water and dry your hair as you normally do. Remember not to rub the strands in the towel and, if you can, avoid using blow dryers.

You already know everything you need to know about the rice hair mask, however, and although this mask can be of great help, we want to remind you that it is not a magic remedy for all hair problems. Faced with excessive hair loss, seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff, we advise you to always consult a dermatologist.

How to sync the Wii Remote

After changing the batteries in your Wii Remote, does the console no longer recognize the controller? You forgot how to synchronize the Wii remote and you don’t know where you put the console box to consult its instruction manual? Do not panic. Give me five minutes of your time, no more, and I’ll show you how to get your Wii remote back in touch with the console.

6 types of sweaters that you cannot miss this season

The temperature keeps dropping and that only means one thing: winter is here. And to the cold season, your wardrobe responds practically instantly. We put away the sandals and shorts, to make way for boots, coats, and, of course, sweaters.

This last garment, in addition to being the coziest, is perhaps the most versatile of the season. With it, you can get an extremely cool, effortless, elegant, or street look. The key will be in the type of sweater you choose and how you combine it.

The thing is like this: we can assure you that on more than one occasion you have seen enviable street style looks with this garment as the protagonist and, however, when you tried it at home you ended up looking like your grandmother. Because yes, both to choose them and to wear them, you have to have mastery. So… let’s get down to business. How to wear a sweater this season? Because yes, if you mastered the art of wearing them last season, we have news: things have changed. The good news is that it is not something from another world, all you will have to do to look like a street style star is to follow this quick guide. Take note.

Graphic sweater

The closest you will get to an ‘ ugly Christmas sweater ‘ will be this. You want to have at least one patterned version in your wardrobe, which will be perfect for achieving the boldest combinations. You can wear it in a mix & match pattern, contrast it with color accents, or mix it with jeans for the most effortless look.

Vibrant color sweater

Either in neon, primary, or any color that works as an accent. The premise will be to make this garment a statement, which is the protagonist of your look amid neutral colors and prints.

Sweater with applications and details

The greatest advantage of knitwear is that they are the perfect garments to look for textural contrasts. The most daring can look for pieces with feathers, sequins, or other applications that elevate the sweater to a new level.

Multifunctional sweater

The search for multifunctional garments continues to be one of the strongest trends in the world of fashion. A sweater that is also a scarf? Yes, please!

Pullover with XL sleeves

Who said knitwear was boring in shape? Look for pieces with ruffles, ruffles, gathers, and volumes, any garment is an excuse to have a little fun.

Sweater Turtleneck

Yes, but we are not talking about the typical turtle neck. The sweater of the season is oversized and with a high neck that is anything but boring. You’ll want to go for volume, volume, and more volume.

Do you need to repair your timber cladding

When designing a sleek and modern house, timber cladding is an excellent material. Timber cladding is extremely flexible, a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice of material with strong economic advantages. Oak Cladding in particular is extremely hard wearing and incredibly beautiful to look at.

Image credit

Timber, also used in architectural history, adds character and a special touch to buildings and has for hundreds of years been part of design.

In architecture, reclaimed timber continues to play a critical role today as designers develop smart ways to adopt it in beautiful commercial and residential buildings. In how we live and work, ethical trading and sustainability have become major themes, with content and supply chain options being market drivers in modern construction.

Architects are able to push the material limits, constructing beautiful structures with a number of styles of timber. As a result, for a wide variety of building plans, reclaimed timber continues to be chosen, making it a valuable material for builders and designers alike.

Image credit

Timber cladding, due to its varied nature, can be used to help define those spaces as new buildings and homes shift to open-plan design.

Timber cladding is versatile, robust in exterior design and adds professional and modern touches to buildings. In order to describe the character and design of the construction, cladding is sometimes used as a building façade.

While timber is a relatively low-maintenance material, it is important to treat and stain it as it helps to maintain and protect the wood for years to come.

How to choose a physical therapist? Best physical therapist near me

Countless things in life can make you feel better: the slap of a good friend when you feel bad, a hug full of affection, the smile of the girl you like or the simple greeting of someone you like. For the rest – or for non-sentimental and physical pain – a physical therapist can save you more than once. I have answered the question: “how to choose a physical therapist” according to my idea of best physical therapist near me.

He is a dedicated person to disappear your tears, sprains and other anomalies that the body expresses with pain and sorrow due to age, a blow or excessive exercise.

How to choose a physical therapist?

In essence, a physiotherapist is one whose objective is to try to make life easier for those who – physically – find it difficult. Make the quality of life improve through their patients’ capabilities. The question here is… How to choose the best or the best? Here are some qualities that a good physiotherapist must have.

how to choose a physical therapist

1. Provide trust and empathy

Every good physical therapist knows that trust and empathy are essential to make a good diagnosis. You must understand your patients’ problems and their context. In this way, the patient will feel that he can achieve his goals with patience and dedication.

2. Act with responsibility and commitment

It is no coincidence that the previous point can be linked to this one. By generating trust and empathy, the physiotherapist can feel – in the same way – committed to his patient and create a commitment that will unite them until the end: recovery.

On the other hand, in a general area, the physiotherapist must be aware that practicing this profession implies a series of constant challenges that demand responsibility; sometimes, you will have to work under pressure and have the ability to make the best possible decisions.

3. Has the vocation that is required

Although many take it for granted, every therapist must be fully convinced that physical therapy is his vocation. This will maintain the interest and passion necessary to seek the benefit of his patients at all times.

4. Has manual skills

Technology has currently facilitated the processes and methods of physiotherapists to treat their patients in the best way; however, manual skills are very important in any rehabilitation process. Having this ability means being able to use both elements for the benefit and speedy recovery of patients.

5. Work as a team

Like anything in life, best practices are always done as a team. So when looking for a good physiotherapist, make sure they are not reluctant to collaborate with other people who are specialists in other fields; That will give breadth to the diagnosis and agree on better treatment.

6. Has the necessary experience

Dealing with different patients in different circumstances gives the physical therapist the necessary experience to always be prepared and recommend his patients best. They should always be constantly learning and keep in mind that practice will make them better every day.

7. Knows how to update

In many cases, technology can help improve processes; The question here is not whether the physical therapist uses it or not; the point here is that you know the pros and cons of each implementation and, based on the above, make the most appropriate decision.

Recommendations for physiotherapist

how to choose a physical therapist

We give you different guidelines for when you decide to treat your condition.

The first and essential thing is to be sure that you are in good hands. The person who confronts your pathology must have their degree in physiotherapy and their collegiate number. You can request without problems and it is a way to ensure that you are facing a real degree and before a professional who will know your pathology and its treatment.

Physiotherapy is a world of constant growth. It is interesting to choose physiotherapists who have not abandoned their training since technology and science advance by leaps and bounds. This has to be reflected in the physiotherapist’s knowledge when applying new techniques or new methods that are beneficial and improve previous.

The field of physiotherapy is very large. It is not based solely on massage, as is sometimes believed. There is specific training in many areas (respiratory, cardiac, pediatric, pelvic floor, etc.) that can be particularly adapted to your pathology.

It is vitally important that the physiotherapist performs an initial assessment before treatment, confirm the medical diagnosis, and even assess compensations or problems distal to the pain’s focus.

The problem is not always where it hurts. The most normal thing is for your physiotherapist to perform techniques in areas where the pain is not established, normalizing the dysfunctions that may be the origin of your pathology.
It is often necessary to continue the treatment at home with the recommendations that your physiotherapist will guide you; exercises, stretching, postural ergonomics, improvement of eating habits or therapies that can complement the treatment.

The physical therapist must know how far he can go with your injury. There are occasions when it is necessary to refer colleagues who are more specialized in the subject to be treated, or medical referrals when the diagnosis is strange to us or notice specific symptoms. It must first be treated in other health settings. This is one of the important guidelines to assess. If your physiotherapist refers you to another professional, he cares about your condition and recovery and thinks that other hands can better adapt to your problem.

Physiotherapy is a healthy activity in which you put your health in the hands of another person. Let’s not trust excessively low prices without first making sure that we are dealing with a good professional. Our health is at stake.

As in any process, there are contraindications when carrying out a treatment. Do not hesitate to tell your physiotherapist all your symptoms, sensations and even hereditary or personal pathologies, even if it seems to you that they are not related to your ailment. The body works globally and many symptoms may be related and that as physiotherapists, we must know to make a good diagnosis.

How to play music on alexa for free

The smart devices of Amazon’s Echo family are a series of interesting devices that have managed to find a place in the rooms of many places. Thanks to advertising, the voice assistant Alexa has managed to spread, but after the initial euphoria, the question arises, how to play music on alexa for free? Here today, we will partially answer this question, deepening listening to free music with Alexa, both through the app and through Amazon Echo devices.

Some of you may have already noticed that Alexa only supports paid premium versions of popular music services like Spotify and Apple Music. But there are other methods to listen to our favorite music for free also through Echo devices. In this article, we will try to dissect them all.

How to play music on alexa for free?

From 3 April 2020, it is now possible to access Amazon Music even if you do not have an Amazon Prime subscription. Before this date, the service was included only for those who had subscribed to Amazon Prime. Now, the service included with the latter is called Amazon Music Prime.

How to play music on alexa for free

The differences between the 4 Amazon Music services are as follows:

  1. Amazon Music Free will allow you to listen to music on Alexa without a subscription, as the platform is supported by listening to advertisements and the free version of Spotify. This subscription allows you to only listen to music in quality Playlists specially created for this service, so you will not choose the song yourself.
  2. Amazon Music Prime is included with the Amazon Prime subscription and allows you to listen to over 2 million songs and thousands of playlists.
  3. Amazon Music Unlimited allows you to listen to over 60 million songs and thousands of playlists. Its cost is $ 9.99 per month, with often offers on the first months at a much lower cost.
  4. Amazon Music HD included in its subscription listening to 60 million songs in high definition and 2 million songs in Ultra HD (UHD), over a thousand songs in 3D on Amazon Echo Studio and thousands of playlists. Its cost is $ 14.99 per month, with often offers on the first months at a much lower cost.
  5. All services being always from Amazon, they are perfectly integrated with Alexa and can be managed directly with voice. If you have subscribed to Amazon Prime, on your Amazon account associated with Alexa, Amazon Music Prime will be immediately available without any other configuration.

If voice commands don’t work, just make sure Amazon Music is the default music service. It takes a few steps. The procedure is the same from the Alexa app or the site, so:

  • Open the Alexa app, press the menu button at the top left (characterized by three parallel horizontal segments);
  • Then tap on the item” settings “, then press on the item “Music” and then on “Default services”;
  • On the screen, make sure the selected service is Amazon Music.

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The most common voice commands to manage music

“Alexa play Music “- a playlist based on the last songs listened to will be played;
“Alexa play [artist] “- a playlist of the artist in question will be played;
“Alexa play [song] “- the selected song will be played;
“Alexa skip to next song “- allows you to skip to the next song.
“Alexa pause” – pauses the playback, which can then be resumed at a later time.

As you can see, they are all very intuitive commands. If you request to play a song or artist not included in Amazon Music’s 2 million songs, Alexa will invite you to subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited or Amazon Music HD. Don’t worry. It won’t be activated automatically without your explicit confirmation.

Listen to music through Deezer

Suppose you take advantage of this convenient music service even without having a premium account. In that case, I have good news for you: the service through a special Skill works perfectly through Alexa, even if it is very limited. But it’s one of only two ways to get completely free music streaming services on your Echo.

The Skill can be installed simply from the Alexa app for Android and iOS. Just open it then:

  • Press the menu key at the bottom right (characterized by three parallel horizontal segments);
  • tap on the item” Skills and games “, then press the button in the shape of a magnifying glass at the top right;
  • by clicking on the magnifying glass at the top right, write “Deezer” in the appropriate box that appears, select the first item, and then press the “Enable use “button;
  • a window will open in which you will have to enter your service credentials and log in.

At this point, you have finished the setup and you can enjoy your music. The procedure is the same if you are using the Alexa web interface.

The Skill allows you to listen to music from your “Flow, “the automatic playlist that the service creates based on the songs we have included in the favorites. To do this, you need to wake up Alexa and then use the command “Run my Flow on Deezer “;

Also, it allows you to start Flow based on a specific artist. Just use the command “Run on Deezer [artist name]. ”

However, there are some important limitations:

  1. You cannot listen to your playlists;
  2. If you search for a specific artist, a playlist inspired by that artist will start (Flow);
  3. It is not possible to start a single song.

Listen to the radio via Alexa

We talked about two services for streaming music, but radio stations can be listened to online. Alexa already has a convenient service and is already prepared to listen to online streaming radio and is based on the excellent TuneIn radio. To listen to a station chosen according to our tastes automatically by Alexa, just say:

“Alexa, play me a radio station.” To choose a particular radio station, just use the command:

“Alexa, play me radio station [name of the radio station of your taste]”

If you want to know a list of available online radio stations, you can take advantage of the Alexa app by following these steps:

TuneIn local radio Alexa

open it and go to “Entertainment” at the bottom;
go down to “Radio Local TuneIn” and click on “Browse”;

On the screen, you can find the most followed local radios and the most successful general ones, also at the top, you can find the search function to find a radio of your interest. Some radios have their dedicated Skill. You can install it directly by going to the skill menu, following the procedure explained in the paragraph dedicated to Deezer.

Not many people know that your Echo device can also act as a convenient Bluetooth speaker and can play music and audio that you send to it from your phone or tablet.

Listen to free music with Alexa

To start playback, you must first pair. Here is the quick procedure:

  • Activate Bluetooth in the terminal from which you intend to transmit and make sure that it is set to discoverable;
  • Open the Alexa app, press the “Devices” button at the bottom right;
  • Select the item “Echo and Alexa” and then the Echo device whose Bluetooth you want to turn on;
  • Then press on the item “Bluetooth devices” and then on the button “Pair a new device.”
  • The device to be paired will appear and you can select it.

At this point, the procedure will be finished and you can play your audio content on the speaker. Our insight into free music with Alexa has come to a close. We wish you a lot of fun with your favorite music.

Are all types of Menswear fashionable?

Men’s common wear and enduring workwear tends to lean towards designs that are not only easy to wear, but also functional and useful for purpose. Considering what they get put through it’s really not much of a surprise that they are. Can the look everyday be complete without something like Calvin Klein Menswear? Well, we think there is always a place for some Calvin Klein in every man’s wardrobe and a visit to EJ Menswear will soon sort that out for you. Back to workwear.

Image credit

Fabrics are typically matte, with common options of dark denims, thick wool and waxed cotton for pieces that are not show-off or flashy. The design ethic is that they will weather the time test instead and take on a character of their own over the years.

Image credit

Chambray is a modern, lighter-weight alternative to denim and is becoming a modern must-have piece. For a timeless look, the suggestion is that  matching dark chinos with a pair of loafers is a suitable look.

Since menswear has a comfort and function licence, workwear should literally go easy on the fit – just like the pants of a fisherman are actually cut extra large to allow turning up when entering and leaving the water, ensuring that the workwear range is practical and fit for the task in hand.

It is appropriate to approach colour with care and caution. Traditionally, neutral tones such as brown, navy and black have erred on the side of workwear. Mixing it up with a splash of colour, though, helps split this monotonous palette apart. The everyday is certainly a fashionable way.