How to Massage Your Face for Glowing Skin

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The massage, if carried out constantly, slows down the formation of wrinkles and gives elasticity to the skin. Massage also helps to eliminate toxins, stress and pain of the facial skin. In addition, when the massage is done regularly, the skin is brighter and smoother because it reactivates microcirculation. It is advisable to do the massage in the evening, especially before going to sleep. In this way, when you wake up, you are certainly fresh and rested. By reading this short tutorial you can have some useful tips on how to massage your face.

How to massage your face?

You will need:

  • Oil
  • Circular movements of the hands
  • Cream
  • Gel
  • Water
  • Detergent

Face preparation

A massage should be done with lotions suitable for the skin of the face (cream, gel, granules, oils and other substances). They are necessary to facilitate the sliding of the hands-on the face and at the same time to make the skin more malleable. Before starting the massage it is essential to wash your face with a suitable cleanser. In fact, for the absorption of the creams and for the peeling it is necessary to have clean skin. The supine position is the most suitable for a massage as it promotes relaxation. In addition, you must tie your hair so that it does not get dirty and does not bother the movements falling on the face.

Beginning of massage

After the preparations, you need to spread the cream on your face. Subsequently, the massage is started with brushing with an open and fairly stretched hand. The massage should go from the neck to the chin. The movement must be performed from the bottom up. Then, you have to change direction and proceed from the inside out, always staying on the neck. Then proceed with circular movements on the area of ​​the nose and lips. After a few minutes, both open hands should be placed on the face. You must slowly move your hands away from the inside and out. At this point, it is necessary to pinch, with the thumb and forefinger, the area around the eyes and around the lips.

Sternum massage

The massage must end with a “toning” moment for your skin. You have to tap the whole face with your fingertips. You have to start from the outside and go towards the center, then going down on the neck. This movement is essential to stimulate skin elasticity. It is excellent especially for “mature” skin that with age begins to lose firmness and tone. The procedure must be completed by applying a veil of night cream over the face and neck. The cream must be left to act, but must not be rinsed. By doing this you can get a healthy, relaxed and at the same time fresh face.

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