Planning a large Charity fundraiser?

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Planning a large Charity fundraising event takes a LOT of planning, preparation and time but if you get it right the rewards for your chosen Charity can be bountiful.  The first priority is to decide on your chosen cause, if it’s something personal to you or your family even better.  Think about how much money you would like to make and how you can achieve that goal, raffle tickets, live/silent auctions, donations and an actual party event are a few ideas to get the ponds rolling in.  Choose an appropriate venue and discuss the charity event with the property owners, some might offer you a discount or even donate their space for a great cause.

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Spreading the word about your event once a venue has been found is crucial, get onto Social media, one of the biggest allies you can find.  Get the word out there, promote your cause and try to make it as much fun as possible so that more people will get involved and attend. Speak to experts in the field and listen to the advice of professionals such as  make sure you’ve got trained first aiders on hand, Event Medical Hire is essential.

Think of several ways to accept donations, for on the day sales use a ticket provider that can expedite an app that allows last minute sales.  Pre-sales are crucial so decide on a platform that takes mobile and digital payments in advance. If you get it right your chosen charity will be the recipient of a VERY LARGE MONITERY DONATION.

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