What Can I Eat After a Dental Cleaning?

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Dental cleaning is one of the best habits we can have to achieve a perfect smile, but above all, adopt to maintain high-quality oral health. So it is highly recommended that you do it twice a year, this way you will not only be able to prevent more serious illnesses. You will also know how your teeth, gums and tongue are.

What can I eat after a dental cleaning?

Now, after having a cleaning done, you have surely asked yourself: What can I eat and after having it done? How long should I wait? Well, that really depends on some things such as, what do you plan to eat or drink? Did you receive fluoride treatment? Do you like the feeling of freshness once you did it?

What can I eat after a dental cleaning?

Food and drink

Eating food and drinks immediately after having a dental cleaning can directly affect the work you received from the dentist. The best thing is that you give some time to the treatment before ingesting any food or drink, but in case it is strictly necessary, we recommend avoiding acidic and abrasive foods and drinks. Especially if you received a fluoride treatment. Sticky foods can remove the treatment of the teeth, causing bacteria to grow on the teeth and consequently some more serious condition.

Some patients experience increased sensitivity after cleaning. Very hot or very cold food or drinks can cause some discomfort and even pain, so if consumed; We recommend that you do it as long as they are at room temperature.


If you did not receive this treatment, you can eat any type of food or drink immediately after completing the procedure. If you had the treatment during cleaning, it is best to wait at least 30 minutes before eating or drinking. This ensures that the fluoride had enough time to be absorbed by the teeth. If you do not respect the minimum time you run the risk that the application does not work and it was in vain.

Fresh and clean feeling

Feeling fresh and clean after cleaning is something that not everyone likes, although most do; so they usually wait before eating or drinking something to maintain the sensation. If you don’t enjoy or just don’t like the feeling of “being at the dentist,” try to wait at least 30 minutes after the procedure. Once you wait, try to consume what helps you eliminate the sensation, what works best for you.

Although many times we think that the mouth is something separate from the rest of the body, it is not, everything is connected. Cleaning helps us as an indicator that everything is fine, or failing that, attend to it as soon as possible, even in what may seem to be illnesses outside the mouth that can manifest through it.

Now you know how long you need or should wait for a dental cleaning to work, and although at the end of the day a lot depends on your decision, it is important that you consider it to take effect and thus have a smile of 10.

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