Pool Landscape Lighting Design Tips

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Pool lighting is only effective when you plan it properly. Without some smart forethought as to the placement of your lights, you won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of your fixtures for safety or aesthetics. So let’s take a look at some helpful pool landscape lighting design tips as to the types of lights to use and the areas where you might want to place them:


The areas where you decide to place your pool lighting sarasota will rely mostly on the size and shape of your backyard and its various features as well as any areas around the pool that you would like to see and maybe even show off to your friends and guests.

Think of your pool lighting beyond only functionality, you want to use it to decorate and improve the appearance of the pool and even the back of the home. When you consider your illumination as a means for beautification you can start to get creative and make your pool more enjoyable to be around.

Now that you’re ready to start putting your imagination to work, here are some of the most common types of lights that are used around the pool area:


When you want to illuminate wide spaces, turn to floodlights. They can cover large portions of the backyard and even brighten up your entire pool area if need be.


You want to use this type of lighting fixture to, well, spotlight certain features in and around the pool area. Place them facing your favorite tree, a fountain, what have you. These are also useful for uplighting and downlighting as you see fit. Either one can create a dramatic effect when pointed at certain objects or portions of your backyard landscaping.

Pathway Lighting

These lights are ideal for both functionality and aesthetics as they provide much needed illumination along pathways and stairwells while creating a lively and layered appearance from part of the pool or backyard to another. But be careful about the fixtures you position near water, some are rated for placement where moisture is prevalent while others may not do so well in such situations.

Torch Lighting

Here is a lighting option that utilizes open flame instead of bulbs. That can provide your pool area with a unique aesthetic while offering plenty of useful light. If you are uneasy about flames being lit in the backyard or near your home, you can find electric alternatives that use bulbs instead of fire. But there’s no denying that authentic torch lighting can give your pool area a tropical island aesthetic.

Well Lights

You can place these fixtures into the ground and use them to illuminate specific areas and items in and around the pool or yard. You can also apply these types of lights to dark corners and hard to reach spaces that other types of fixtures can’t light effectively. Installation can done with the lighting placed flush with the ground or further up from the ground and exposed.


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