How you can you Improve Bad Posture and neck pain

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Millions of people across the UK are affected by back and neck pain, often this is the result of bad posture. How do you know what you are doing wrong and how your posture should be? Read on and see the most common problems and how to fix them….

  • Slouching – Sitting is actually not good for you for long periods of time, but if you slouch, it puts pressure on the muscles which in turn causes pain in the back. Try to keep your back straight when you are sitting, it allows the spine to line up straight, which is how it should be. If you work in an office or are at a computer for long periods of time, have a look at how you are sitting – feet should be flat on the floor and the monitor should be at eye level. Sites like supply Operator Chairs and desks, a change in office furniture is often what is needed as many people are using unsuitable office chairs for them.
  • Texting! – Yes your phone could be causing more problems than just nuisance phone calls and Facebook requests! Hunching forward over a mobile phone or a keyboard causes the upper back muscles and can cause stiffness in this area. Try not to sit like this for too long, take regular breaks, get up and move around as much as possible. There are exercises that can help with this, try some chest stretches.

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  • Carrying Heavy Bags – Large and heavy handbags that are so loved by celebrities are not so loved by your back! Schoolchildren also suffer with this problem if school bags are carried incorrectly. If possible, try to avoid carrying anything too heavy, but if you do, use a rucksack style bag with a strap on each shoulder to evenly distribute the weight. Place heavier objects in the bottom of the bag. Children are especially susceptible as their spines are still developing and growing, so avoid overloading their bags. If you do have a one strap handbag, alternate it regularly to different arms so that you do not have pressure on one arm for a prolonged time. How about getting a smaller bag, so it is not possible to fill it up too much?
  • Leaning on one leg when standing – Leaning on one side when standing puts a lot of pressure on one side of the body and can cause pain in the lower back and uneven hips. Stand with your weight on both legs, and try an exercise like yoga to help correct this.

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