Commercial kitchens should use a wood oven

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There are many types of pizza oven and the best type of oven for you depends on the commercial needs of your kitchen. A smaller kitchen might not need as large an oven as a larger kitchen. However, one thing is certainly clear, the best type of commercial kitchen pizza oven is normally going to be an Italian oven.

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Italian ovens

Italy is the home of the food of pizza and it is no wonder that italian restaurants in dublin pizza ovens are known to be the best in the business. The true oven you are looking for is one with a refractory stone base. This specially designed base allows you to cook the pizza directly on the base itself for an authentic cooking process giving the best results. To get a taste of tradition you visit an Italian Restaurant Dublin way who use fresh ingredients and a wood oven to cool their pizzas.

Gas or electric?

The type of power the oven uses can also have an impact. You can choose between gas and electric ovens – but which is the best choice? Electric pizza ovens are usually highly economical and there is no need for expensive extractor systems with this type of oven. Gas ovens require an extractor system and safety cut out system so these are much more costly to install.

Size concerns

Depending on the size of the kitchen and the demands of your pizza menu, you could begin with a small counter-top oven. A step up is a floor-standing oven that is relatively small. One of the best and most popular ovens is a twin deck electric pizza oven which is designed to cook pizza of 12 inches by 8 inches in size.

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Profit margins

There is a high profit margin in pizzas because the materials needed to make the pizza are low in cost but you can sell the pizza for much more. Consumers are used to paying high prices for a takeaway pizza with a medium sized pizza usually costing £8 or more. In fact, pizzas are so expensive many people are starting to make their own and there are lots of great recipes available online.

Whatever size of pizza oven you buy, the one piece of important advice is to opt for an Italian oven with a refractory base. This means you can enjoy the cooking practice and taste that is the most authentic.

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