Belén Rueda Net Worth, Acting Career and Lifestyle

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After achieving success on television, Belén Rueda (March 16, 1965) made the leap to the big screen. Her experience in the medium allowed her to continue captivating viewers with outstanding performances in endearing films and eventually she went further to venture into international cinema. If you enjoyed films such as Sea Inside or Perfect Strangers, we invite you to read the biography and net worth of Belén Rueda, where we will review the career of this iconic actress.

Biography of Belén Rueda

María Belén Rueda García-Porrero was born in Madrid, Spain. She was the second daughter between a public works engineer named Alfonso Rueda and Belén García-Porrero, a ballet teacher. When she was just five years old, her family moved to Alicante to attend to a health complication of her sister Violeta. It was in the coastal city where Belén discovered her love for acting, captivated by the presentations made in the city theatre, which she attended with her parents.

Because she did not see entertainment as a way to make a living, Belén Rueda moved to Madrid at 18 and began studying architecture. She dropped out of school in 1984 to marry an Italian immigrant. After the wedding, she lived in Italy with her husband for two years, until they divorced in 1986. Forced to start from scratch, she returned to Madrid and began working in an advertising agency.

One of the agency executives put Belén Rueda in contact with a producer from the Telecinco network. Due to her prominent beauty, she was selected as a hostess for the VIP Noche program. She had a quick reception and, later, she became a presenter with Emilio Aragón. VIP Noche stayed on the air for more than two years and earned Rueda an important exposure that led her to present different programs during the 90s.

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I received a lot of sexist comments during my early days at Telecinco. Some executives believed that she would not be successful because she did not have a voluptuous or curvy body. I wish I had told you they were wrong, but I didn’t know it at the time. It was something that time proved to them and me.

belen rueda net worth

Belén Rueda net worth

Belén Rueda made her debut in the world of dubbing by interpreting in Spanish the voice of Gloria, the funny hippopotamus from Madagascar. In the sequel to the Dreamworks animated film, Rueda again dubbed the voice of the mammal. Belen Rueda’s net worth is about 5 million dollars, but it is under review.

Against all odds

Working as a presenter, Belén Rueda saw the opportunity to use this platform to enter the world of acting. She began taking acting classes in Madrid and auditioned for various roles in Telecinco series. Because she was already a well-known figure within the chain, she was given a supporting role in the series Family Doctor, where she played a photographer named Clara.

The role of Belén Rueda in Family Doctor was destined to fill a gap in the cast because this character was written for another television project. Therefore, still playing the photographer, Belén Rueda was a recurring member of the Periodistas series, which was a success in Spain. The production stayed on the screens for 4 years and enshrined Rueda as a television actress.

In 2002, after Periodistas came to an end, Belén Rueda was hired to play a lead role in another big hit on Spanish television, a series called Los Serrano. During his work on this production, he had the opportunity to make his film debut with Mar Adentro, a successful film by the filmmaker Alejandro Amenábar. The film was critically acclaimed and Rueda won the Goya for Best New Actress.

Belén Rueda, revelation as an actress

She continued her success on the big screen by starring in El orfanato, a role that showed her talents for the dramatic genre and earned her a new Goya nomination, this time for best actress. He repeated his candidacy for the award in 2010, after his leading role in Los Ojos de Julia. Later, in 2014, she returned to television through a Telecinco project directed by her husband, Daniel Écija, entitled B & b, by word of mouth.

In 2017, Belén Rueda shared a cast with rising actors such as Álex González and Clara Lago in Órbita 9. That same year she starred in Perfect Strangers, directed by Álex de la Iglesia. Both films had a great impact in Spain and led the actress to be part of the international production No Sleep, a horror and suspense feature film shot in South America.

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