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We’ve all seen those shows where you take some junk in your attic and go and sell it at an auction house for a load of money, or for nothing much after a timed raid on a car boot sale. What if you felt like actually buying something though. I mean, The Duke, David Dickenson was always pointing out Bargains that could be had at the auction house, he wasn’t allowed to bid on it himself and you could see that that killed him. It’s not that easy. When you watch the show there are people sticking their hands up every minute and the Auctioneer waving his gavel about saying things like “Do I have fifty? Fifty? Shall we start at fifty pounds?” Auction houses have all sorts of incredible items from bureaus and furniture to antique crystal chandeliers and an Animal Sculpture. If you want to see some examples of the animal sculptures that are available take a look at Sculptures from Gill Parker.

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There is a way around this nightmare and that is to follow the following tips.

  1. Attend an auction first. Don’t buy anything just observe how the room works.
  2. When you are ready, go to the auction house and register as a buyer. You may be given a paddle or an order list paper to show your indication and intention to out in a bid.
  3. Research. View it before you buy. The auction house will have the items it intends to display on show so that you can have a good look at the list items. They will have a list price, this is the minimum the seller is willing to let them go for.
  4. Have a set budget to wok to. If an item goes beyond your buying range do not go beyond it unless you seriously want it. Other buyers will know straight away that you’re a new person as they have a quite a close click and no each other.
  5. Wait for the item you want comes up and stick with it. If you see something before that that you want, try to hang back if you haven’t researched it.
  6. When you want to make a bid, raise you paper or paddle up so that the auctioneer can see you. They will acknowledge and say, “I have xxx pounds any advance on xxx?” and offer a new amount to the room.
  7. If there are no more bids the Auctioneer will look to close the sale and start with “At xxx going once, going twice. Sold!” and then they will bang their gavel and you will have to go and buy the item.
  8. If during the bidding you want to stop if the auctioneer offers the higher price to you, you must clearly shake your head to indicate that you longer wish to bid.

Anyone can cut in on the process at come in with a bid at the going, going gone stage.

Good luck!

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