Top Tips to Create Your Perfect Shop Window Display

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If you own your own shop or dream of owning one, then making it look appealing can sometimes be tricky, but is vital; having a shoddy shop and window display could make it less appealing for customers, which means you might not welcome any customers at all. If there is not enough stock in the window display, or too much stock, that could potentially put off customers – you need to find the correct balance. Decorations are also an important part of a window display because it adds that extra visual appeal.

Keep it Clean 

You might have the perfect and most attractive window display, but if your windows are dirty, and the props are full of dust, that can certainly diminish the appeal. If your windows haven’t had a thorough clean in a while, make sure to give it a good scrub, and get rid of window scrub marks that come from the cleaning. Regularly polish the shelves and props in the window display, and ensure you keep the display products clean. There could be a chance of a few dead flies on the floor, or on the shelves, so make sure to clear them up, as this would most likely make onlookers feel nauseous rather than interested. Give the floor a good vacuum too to get rid of any dust bunnies. 

Be Artistic 

If you are creating your own window display, you might want to channel your inner artist; making up shop displays surprisingly take very creative thinking, which is why many retail shops hire visual supervisors to make up their shop displays. This is a great form of free marketing for your shop, as onlookers will notice the shop display, and will want to see more; for example, when it’s Christmas time, you could decorate your shop window with a Christmas tree, hanging Christmas decorations, and of course all of your gorgeous gifting products. You can even buy pretty decorative wall vinyl stickers for your windows.

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The Proof is in the Props 

When it comes to window displays and props, you really need to think outside of the box; add themed props that will really make people stop and stare, and arrange your products so they are neat, and stick to the window theme. For example, in the summer you might want a nautical style window display, so props such as sea-themed decoration, or a beach display with beach hut vinyl stickers will really give it the perfect nautical feel; if you sell items like handbags and accessories, you could add beach bags and striped accessories to your window display – why not take a look at these creative shop window displays for some inspiration.

Keep it Fun 

The idea of window displays is to attract customers to your shop and gain their attention; window displays that portray a political message, or are offensive will not only deter customers from your shop, but it could also cause them to abandon your brand altogether. Keep it fun and lighthearted, as these types of displays will allow customers to continue walking through your door. To make the shop more fun, you could even have some Instore Music playing to liven up the atmosphere, just make sure not to play it too loud, or it could put off customers altogether.

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