The colors of clothing you wear convey meaning

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Even the colors of clothing reflect our personality and reveal something more about us to those around us. We have tried to identify the meanings of colors in clothing.

The clothes we wear denote our style and our personality. Some colors, in particular, also socially communicate certain feelings and create in those who see us a certain image of us, conveying some concepts such as sensuality, serenity, reliability etc.

Without going into the psychology of colors or into the social meaning that they carry with them, we can however make a brief examination of what certain shades communicate rather than others. In this way, we can decide which color to wear based on the image we want to give of us on certain occasions and the feelings we want to inspire. Let’s see the colors of clothing you wear in detail.

The Black

Loved by designers and enormously used on every occasion, black has a magical faculty for men and women who wear it: it streamlines and enhances forms. The means of the black is of sobriety and elegance at the same time. Ideal for the evening, it should be used more sparingly during the day.

The sobriety of black, in fact, also conveys a certain authority and a diurnal “total black” could exceed in this sense, creating almost a sense of superiority and closure towards others. So better, break it, maybe with a red tie for men or a scarf for women.

The Blue

If there was a color for institutions, this would definitely be blue. This is the color of professionalism, conveying reliability and concreteness. For this reason, it is often used in a “corporate” context and many professionals wear it at work.

According to many, for the same reason it should be used sparingly in underwear. However, even the shades of blue can convey a completely different image. An electric blue and alive, for example, more than an institution, it communicates cheerfulness and vivacity, so choose your dress with the right shade based on what you want to reveal about yourself.

The Gray

The other institutional color par excellence is gray. Even the gray communicates professionalism, but at the same time sobriety and reliability. Unlike blue, however, it should be used sparingly. An excess of gray can give the sense of a flat, colorless and lacking in personality. It should therefore be carefully combined with vivid colors, so as not to make us look like a monotonous person.

The Red

If there is a color that can express passion, this is definitely red. Not by chance is the color of fire. Dressing in red communicates cheerfulness, vivacity and sensuality. At the same time, however, the red conveys aggressiveness and above all attracts attention.

If you want to catch, the eye red is definitely the right color. Dressing only in red, however, could put you at the center of other people’s eyes, so consider the option of sipping it. A red tie for men, an accessory, nail polish and lipstick for women could be the right compromise. For work opportunities, on the other hand, a dark shade of red can be elegant and gritty without exceeding.

The Green

A little used color, when it’s not particularly fashionable, is green. A pity, because green is the color of the environment and brings with it a whole series of positive meanings. In particular, green communicates serenity, harmony and balance.

Here too, shades make the difference, giving different nuances to its meaning. A light and brilliant green gives the impression of an open and cheerful person. Varying on the darker shades, instead, we go towards an institutional or “military” green.

The Pink

A color that is believed, erroneously, typically female is pink. A pink dress for women enhances femininity. Pink communicates romantic, simple love, made of kisses and caresses. In one word, it is the color of sweetness. It must obviously be managed with accuracy.

A totally pink “mise” could result in a “candy” effect, maybe not wanted. As anticipated, in addition, pink is considered a purely feminine color. In reality it can also be worn by men, but with them it conveys a different meaning. Pink is a bold and courageous color for males. Wearing it means wanting to communicate eccentricity, a desire to differentiate yourself and to go against the established patterns.

Orange and Yellow

Orange and yellow are two “solar” colors that convey slightly different meanings. The orange is a joyful color, but at the same time being close to red, resulting in a certain sensuality.

Yellow is perhaps even more vital, but rather than focusing on sensuality, it communicates a strong, self-confident and extroverted personality.

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