Making Christmas Special Without Children

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When Christmas gets mentioned, most people think about children. It’s the time of year for toy-buying, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa and attending Christmas nativity plays at schools. However, Christmas doesn’t have to be a dull, grown-up occasion for those who don’t have children. There are plenty of ways to fill the season with fun and excitement with no children required!

Christmas can be a tough time for those without kids. Whether it’s infertility caused by medical or situational circumstances or a decision not to have children or delay having them. All the Christmas ads seem to feature happy smiling children and parents sharing gifts around the tree. When there’s only adults in the house, it seems pointless to leave out a carrot for Rudolph and a mince pie for Santa. However, don’t let a lack of little people dampen your Christmas spirit. Why not try these ideas?

Adult Only Christmas Party

Who says Christmas can only be about family? Invite your friends over to share some drinks and giggles, maybe even a spot of Christmas tree decorating. Think of friends without children. These could include: Single friends, childless couples by choice, empty nesters and those with fertility challenges. You can crank up the heating thanks to the Boiler Installation Gloucester that sorted you out with a swanky new system, get the food and bubbly out and have an adults alternative christmas. If you are in need of a new heating system don’t delay this until the cold weather sets in, contact a local company and have a Gloucester Boiler Installation from HPR sorted in time for the festive season.

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A trip away

Why not break the norm of going home for the holidays and pack your bags and head off on holiday? A yearly vacation to your desired destination could even become a Christmas tradition. Consider your gift to yourself. Choose somewhere quiet and possibly unlikely to be a magnet for young families. Alternatively, decide to be a kid again and head straight to somewhere with huge family appeal like Disney World!

Romantic Christmas

If you can’t get away, then why not have a cosy and incredibly romantic Christmas for two at home? Add some candles to your Christmas table, some relaxing music and spend some quality time with your partner. This is the ideal season to pop the question too. If you’re thinking of staging a romantic proposal, start shopping around for the perfect ring for the occasion in plenty of time.

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Indulge the children in your family

Even if you don’t have your own kids, who says you can’t revel in being the most awesome aunt or uncle in the world at Christmas time? Shower the little ones with gifts, play games all day, take the heat of Mum and Dad for a few hours and then go home and relax, leaving the sugared up little terrors back with their parents!

Volunteer at a homeless shelter

Rather than spend Christmas alone, many people choose to get involved in helping others at this time of year by volunteering at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen. You might enjoy it so much that it becomes an annual tradition. It’s so popular in fact, that many soup kitchens have a waiting list so make your enquiries nice and early.

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