How to Choose the Best Colour for Office Paint

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A 2012 study focusing on the effect of hospital paint colours found white gave a “clinical appearance.” It made people feel intimidated and on edge. Consider instead choosing a colour for your office that is subtle, if you want to put people at ease.

Most people learn to associate bright colours with energy, but it turns out they might not represent the right kind of energy. For example, a psychology study found red increases the speed and strength of emotions. Red gives us the sense that everything needs to happen right now, making us feel edgy and anxious. This is probably not the kind of atmosphere you want to create in an office but this is ideal for sales, which is why retail outlets use red in their sales signage and offers.

Blue – of the Mind

The blue colour stimulates the mind, leading to greater productivity. The blue colour palette is ideal for staying focused in the repetitive industry. Accounting offices often use blue to increase productivity and keep their employees focused. Perhaps this colour will suit your next office refit. For Office Refurbishment Companies, visit Mobius at work

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Red – of the Body

Red evokes urgent feelings, so for physical labour such as building, red will boost energy levels.

Yellow – Emotion

Yellow stimulates emotions, which makes it the perfect colour for the creative industry. It also brings feelings of contentedness and can lift the spirit.

Green – Balance

We might think of green as the colour of money, and rightly so. Green is about balance, calm, and certainty. So, if you work in the financial industry, green is the colour of your office.

Colours That Work Best for Your Office

Now you might have an idea of ​​what works for your particular industry, here are some suggestions for the best colours for your office.

  1. Off-White

White may have a clinical appearance, but a pale white colour in an eggshell texture will soften the appearance of the original white. It’s easy to decorate and design around, giving warmth but not the clinical appearance.

  1. Teal / Light Blue

Because duck egg blue is a combination of blue and green, it can turn any workspace into a productivity engine. It is important to be careful not to use too many colours. Brightness and intensity are also important for the desired effect.

  1. Grey

Grey falls between black and white which gives a neutral atmosphere. There are many different shades of grey that evoke different feelings. Classic grey is very subtle but can make your staff, customers or you feel a little sad.

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  1. Light Blue

A soft light blue colour will calm your environment and give a peaceful impression. This is a good choice for a private doctor’s office, especially specialists, who handle nervous patients every day.

  1. Chocolate

Brown works very well in a room that needs to feel confident and strong. Coupled with rich wooden office furniture, a deep chocolate brown will also provide pleasant warmth.

  1. Purple

Purple has a lot of features in its range but using something like violet is the right choice for a feminine space like a salon.

  1. Green

A full, hearty, velvety green is perfect for industries like finance and health. Choosing lighter or darker shades will change the atmosphere of the room. Whenever you see green, remember how the light will hit it. A lime green might be a little too dazzling if your room has lots of windows.

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