GeoPeeker: What Does My Website Look Like From Other Countries

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Having, managing and maintaining a web page consists of many tasks and activities throughout the month, one of them is related to knowing how the page or our website looks from different parts of the world and knowing how long it takes to load the Full page. In that case, we have a good and free tool for it.

With this tool, you can know how long it takes to load your website from 6 different countries and that it also allows you to see how it “looks” from each of them by offering you a screenshot. Its name is GeoPeeker.

How to simulate browsing from various locations?


GeoPeeker allows you to enter a web address in your browser. We can see how the page looks from other parts of the world and also have other information of interest such as loading speed and a few data on DNS, things like the IP address and the hosts of that web page appear directly there and somehow they can be useful.

It is a very practical tool and also useful for certain moments. When looking to optimize a website, it is very easy to use as well as being free.

Check website speed

It is important that you know the loading speed of your website since it affects SEO. Search engines such as Google take into account how long it takes to load your web page. So, search engine positioning will depend to some extent on the speed it presents.

Another reason why you must know the speed of your page is because of the experience you offer the user. The longer it takes for a site to open, the more loss of active users it will have.

There are several factors that influence the speed, such as hosting, the type of cache, the code that is loaded are details that you should always keep up to date.

Now we will tell you 3 ways to measure the speed of your website, to make it easier to control the variables:


This is a tool that will allow you to obtain information about the availability and performance of your website. It has a global network with more than 100 servers with which you can check where your page is available. It monitors the loading time of the pages and is in charge of analyzing to find the root of the problems that affect the servers or pages, attacks them and prevents them from repeating.

Monitor the user experience, so you can observe trends and changes that occur over a long period of time. This popular and effective tool is trusted by many companies and offers the simplest speed test for typical users.


Through this platform, you can perform a speed test from different locations around the world. You can run simple or advanced tests that will provide you with information with waterfall graphics, suggestions and optimization verification. It has a forum where many experts often discuss aspects of optimization performance.

Sometimes the tests maybe a little longer than usual, and their design is not particularly attractive or modern. Once the test is finished, summary information is shown in a table.

Pagespeed Insights

Through Pagespeed, not only is information provided on the actual performance of pages on computers. On the other hand, it includes a report on the user experience and rates the optimization of your website. They suggest performance improvements to factors that are not associated with the network, such as the HTML structure, the use of JavaScript or CSS.

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