Does the Battle of Naboo have the Tanks of the Future?

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Although it is much derided Star Wars Episode one, the fourth film in the franchise, does have some particularly astonishing scenes. The lightsaber battle between Darth Maul and the Jedi’s of Obi Wan Kenobi and Qui Gon Jinn for example, the setting of the Galactic Senate (have you spotted the Wookies and the ET’s yet?) plus the raw excitement of the dangerous Pod Race. There is also the climactic battle between the brave, but hopelessly outgunned Naboo indignenous Gungan’s against the might of the Trade Federation Droid army. The battle features some extremely nifty hovering tanks loaded with Droids. Whilst you can not drive a flaoting tank just yet there is away you can experience the real thing with a bit of Tank Driving with the help of Click on the link after you’ve read these thoughts on the battle.

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The Gungans have agreed to fight against the Trade Federation after being asked by Queen Amidala of the Naboo to create a diversion. The Trade Federation take the bait and send the bulk of their Droid Force out to face the Gungans. The are armed with floating anti gravity hover tanks and a huge amount of Droids armed with blasters. The Gungans are mounted and have a very handy water based shield that protects them from the cannon fire of tanks but the droids are soon deployed and start to make their steady advance towards the Gungan infantry. The only hope that the Gungans have is that the main power reactor on the Trade Federations ship is knocked out cutting the droids power rendering them useless.

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As the shield is penetrated by the droids the Gungans only have one option left. This is to throw the water plasma “Bombas”. These are handheld grenades that cause the Droids to short out. Large ones are catapulted and can even take out a tank. The weight of the Droids numbers prove too much for the Gungans but they are able to hold out long enough for young Anakin Skywalker to knock out the main reactor so that the Droids power fails and they fall lifeless to the ground.

While all of this is science fiction the hover tank is something that is being mooted as the next generation of tank. Tanks are famed for being able to go anywhere and over anything. Imagine then if it didn’t even need to touch the ground! Robots warriors and vehicles are actually a much closer prospect. Conflicts fought by remote control are looking like a real possibility.

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