Yuya Net Worth, Biography, Career and Controversies

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Mariand Castrejón Castañeda, better known as Yuya (March 13, 1993), is a Mexican YouTuber, influencer and businesswoman who, at the age of 15, made herself known by uploading videos to YouTube, initially, about makeup. Today, she is one of the most influential women in Mexico and the world, and she has expanded her content to other themes such as cooking, beauty and crafts. If you want to know much more about Yuya’s biography, in today’s article we will tell you … everything!

Yuya’s Net Worth and Biography

Daughter of Andrés Castrejón and Maribel Castañeda, Yuya was born in the city of Cuernavaca, Mexico, and is the youngest of that marriage. He has a brother who is also dedicated to uploading content to the internet, better known as Fiches. YUYA net worth is about 5 million US dollars. Her childhood was spent in a close-knit family surrounded by love. His nickname came from his uncle, who said that he looked a lot like the character in a television show called Yuya la Gorda.

YUYA net worth

From a very young age, she always liked to fend for herself. He studied theater and ballet, and his first job was to sell candy, jewelry and crafts to his classmates. Years later, she became interested in makeup and at 15, she created her YouTube channel, which she called at the time: lady16makeup.

During those years, the YouTube platform was just beginning, and a series of competitions emerged whose participation depended on the production of original videos promoting the brands. It is there that Yuya’s first audiovisual work came to light while trying to win a set of makeup brushes.

There were many more contests in which Mariand participated, and although he did not win any of them, with time and perseverance he acquired a large number of followers whom he later called “Guapuras”. Also, although at the beginning its content was only for makeup, later on, she added cooking, exercise, fashion and general beauty tutorials to her channel.

For a time, he had an alternate channel with his brother Fichis, who he called “Yuyacst”, and under the hashtag #AquiNoMeMaquillo, they talked about personal issues and recorded their various family trips.
Yuya is one of the highest-paid youtubers and is among the top 50 most famous influencers worldwide according to the company Socialbakers. In addition, since the emergence of her channel, she is the woman with the most followers in Mexico, and all her videos exceed one million views.

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As a businesswoman, recognitions and controversies

In 2014, Mariand Castrejón decided to undertake as a writer, and through the Planeta publishing house, she published her first book, “The secrets of Yuya”. The following year, his second book, “Yuya’s Confessions, ” came to light through the same editorial.

That same year, he released his own perfume, TRUE By Yuya, in collaboration with the CyZone brand. For 2017, she decided to go one step further, and.published her own makeup line called Yuya. But shortly after its launch, she was accused of plagiarism, for using Mexican artisan designs in the presentation of the packages without giving them the corresponding credits. However, this could never be verified.

On September 15, 2018, Yuya was awarded his own star on the Las Vegas Walk of Fame, thanks to his constant support in campaigns for the Hispanic community and for promoting messages of peace, through his work as an influencer. and YouTuber. Likewise, she was appointed in 2017 as Ambassador of Change in the UN Sustainable Development program.

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