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Millions of people in the world dream of changing something in their lives, but they don’t identify exactly what. They know there are things that are not working, but they have no idea about how to start fixing them. To discover your vision and stay happy with the ideal lifestyle, you need to define it clearly.

Although this may sound obvious, many of the people who are dissatisfied with their current situation are also not clear about what they crave. And the matter is simple: If you don’t know what you want, it is very likely that you end up following the norm of the society in which you live.

How to create an ideal lifestyle?

Finding out exactly how I wanted to live took me a few years. Along the way, I discovered simple steps that helped me a lot. Today, with the idea that you save valuable time in your own process, I wanted to summarize them in an article.

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First step: Isolate the noise

Increasingly, we are exposed to an immense amount of information that comes to us from all directions and in different ways. This can be a serious problem if we don’t have filters. Society and the media have the power to alter our perceptions of almost everything, including our ideas about success and failure.

So much so that we even have a mental scale in which we can classify the level of success of any person according to certain criteria: the car he drives, the place he lives, the clothing brand he uses or the school in the one their children study; To name a few.

You need to understand that these ideas do not come from yourself; someone else puts them in your mind. Finally, the measure of your success. If someone is interested in measuring it, it gives you the ability to live according to your values, which you can only identify if you can pause and isolate outside noise.

By making an intentional effort to listen to yourself, you can focus on what you appreciate and discard what distracts you.

Second step: Define your ideal life

Only when you have managed to isolate yourself from noise, it is a condition to start delineating your ideal life. When asked what you want, try to respond from your values, rather than from your ego.

But be careful. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you have all the answers. To discover yourself, you must leave you, see more, know more. Read stories of people who inspire you, meet other realities, interact with people whose circumstances are different from yours.

Travels. But in doing so, get out of your bubble, leave the role of tourist and get involved with the environment.

And adopt a minimalist lifestyle, it will help you separate the important from what is not. Joshua Becker, the creator of the Becoming Minimalist project, defines minimalism as a philosophy that encourages us to prioritize what we value and suppress what we don’t.

Third step: Choose your vehicles and create the conditions

The mind that opens up to a new idea never returns to its original size: Albert Einstein

Once you know that you can get out of the mold and create a life tailored to your own values, it is difficult for you to decide not to. It would hurt a lot.

But you must start now. It is an action that separates dreams from reality. Do not waste time. Life goes by quickly. Start by finding the vehicle that allows you to live as you really want.

  • Is it a business of your own?
  • An online project?
  • Any kind of charitable, educational, cultural initiative?
  • What is it that will allow you to perform and live according to your values?

Of course, your idea should consider a source of income that provides economic stability for you and your family.

On the other hand, in addition to the vehicle, you must start creating the conditions for your new life:

Maybe your plan involves leaving a job that doesn’t fill you. Are you ready to do it? Do you have other sources of income? Debts? Savings? Is your economy in order?

It could be that your ideal life involves undertaking a personal project. Do you have the necessary knowledge? Have you already developed the skills required? Are you aware of the effort of these demands?

Creating the conditions is essential to prepare the change. Think of everything you need to acquire, improve or develop to move from where you are to where you want to be. Make a list and start moving for ideal lifestyle.

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