What to Do When Buying a New iPhone?

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When you buy a new iPhone, you will first need to considerably change your habits in terms of telephony and multimedia: this is why it will always be necessary to perform specific actions to have the opportunity to make the most of all the potential that the new system offers. So if you have decided to switch from an Android smartphone to an iPhone, here are the things to do when buying a new iPhone.

What to do when buying a new iPhone?

The first fundamental step is to create an Apple ID. This operation is necessary in order to use a series of indispensable services, such as the App Store or iTunes. How to create the Apple ID? Just create a free account, which will allow you, from the first access, to also take advantage of the “Find my iPhone” service, absolutely essential for those who want to find their iPhone if it is lost or stolen.

what to do when buying a new iphone

Install iTunes

The second step to follow is to install iTunes on another computer, and then connect it to the newly purchased iPhone. So if you have a Mac PC, the installation problem does not exist, since this specific model has software already installed by default. But if you own a computer with a Windows operating system, simply download iTunes directly from the Store. We point out that iTunes is not only necessary to manage music files, but it can also be used to store videos, images and photos.

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Synchronize devices

Now, after installing iTunes on a PC and creating an Apple ID, you will have to synchronize the two devices. The first kind of synchronization must be done via USB cable, while all subsequent actions can be managed by the Wi-Fi connection that you usually use. The action just described is necessary above all to manage photos, videos and music correctly and tidily, thus avoiding taking up too much memory on your new iPhone.

Associate the iCloud service

After purchasing a new iPhone device, it is then necessary to associate the iCloud service with the account just created. The association will allow you to back up your data whenever you wish, thus freeing up a good part of the memory on your iPhone, which you can later use to download the most suitable or the most useful apps for your work or for your leisure.

Register your fingerprint

Finally, one last thing to do: that is, to register your fingerprint on the new iPhone. This advice is useful both for users who have purchased an iPhone that has a fingerprint reader and for those who have a device with a biometric sensor instead. After registering the fingerprint, the security of the phone will increase: only thanks to the recognition of your fingerprint, in fact, will it be possible to unlock the screen, read e-mail and open some specific apps. A further precaution, in short, against curious and malicious people who accidentally get hold of your new iPhone.

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