What Should You Do If Your Roof Springs A Leak?

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A roof leak can bring about all kinds of problems. You could be facing serious water damage and your roof may need vital repairs that were either previously ignored or undiscovered until now. Whatever the case may be, your next call will be to a roofing contractor Des Moines IA to assess the situation and repair the problem as soon as possible.

So, in the event your roof suddenly springs a leak, here are the steps you can take to minimize damage, reduce your cleanup, and fix the issue so it doesn’t happen again anytime soon.

Prevent Water Damage as Best You Can

Water getting into the house can have a devastating impact. You need to reduce the amount of potential damage that could occur by moving anything that can be ruined by the water leak and laying down plastic over delicate items. These might include furniture, collectibles, electronics, and so on.

You should also place receptacles under any leaks so the water has a place to collect instead of splashing down on furnishings and belongings that are easily ruined.

Dry Everything Thoroughly

After the leak has been appropriately dealt with, you should start to dry everything that has gotten wet. This means everything, especially any carpeting that has been soaked from the leak. You need to dry the carpet and the padding so that you aren’t promoting mold and mildew growth.

The best way to do that is through plenty of air flow. Open all your windows, bring in some fans, moving room temperature air through your carpet will help it dry a lot faster. You can even bring in a dehumidifier, just don’t use any heaters to speed up the process. You’re only going to keep moisture in the air and in your carpeting.

In some cases, the water may be too much to remove on your own so you may need to call in a professional water extraction service to get the job done.

Make Those Repairs

Now that you’ve caught and removed all the water and your belongings are safe and dry, it’s time to prevent another leak from happening. That means you need to get the roof repaired or possibly even replaced, either in part or the whole thing.

But you can’t hire just anyone to do the job right, you need to call a licensed roofing contractor to do the work. That way you are assured the work will be performed properly and you won’t need to worry about another leak in the future.

So, you should get multiple quotes from many different contractors. Don’t always go with the lowest bid as you may get what you pay for, but you should always consider price when you hire a roofer. Be sure the roofer you hire is not just licensed, but insured and ready to get all of the required permits. You must also inquire about any guarantees or warranties that the contractor is willing to offer should something go wrong after the work is complete.

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