What qualities make a good driver?

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Many youngsters eagerly await turning 17 to begin learning to drive and take the opportunity to enjoy some independence. Learning to drive a car is only the basic skills, and at just 17, it’s hard to fully grasp the breadth of skills required to be a safe and responsible driver. The following are some of the traits that help make a good driver:

Being patient

One of the most important qualities the ability to display patience. A lot of patience to be exact. Driving can be a stressful experience, so the ability to take a deep breath and stay calm is very important. Many road traffic collisions are caused by impatience. Lack of patience can lead to speeding, jumping red lights and not giving way to other road users. Driving with aggression and impatience are more likely to cause a scenario that eventually ends in road rage or accidents.

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A driver that is reasonable and competent will not blame others for the actions he or she takes at the wheel. A good driver takes responsibility for their driving and mistakes they might make. They are committed to learn from these mistakes and make the necessary corrections to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. Learning to drive with great instructors will help foster this sense of responsibility.

Responsibility also covers the condition of the vehicle being driven. It must be safe, legal and roadworthy at all times. For details about getting an MOT Gloucester, visit a site like http://swiftfit.uk.com/


All drivers must show a certain level of discipline when learning to drive and pass the driving test. It is this discipline that sees the driver obey traffic signs and regulations. It is also a discipline that influences the driver to take the crucial decision to obey the law, not to drink and drive or break the speed limit, for example. A good driver should show restraint and understanding the laws of driving and the importance of following them.

Stay alert

The ability to stay sharp and focused is another important quality of a competent driver. The ability to not be distracted by changing the radio channel or making a phone call is important for the safety of drivers, passengers and other road users. You will not believe some of the activities that have been found by traffic cameras and police. People eating, put their make-up on and doing their hair, often on the highway at 70 mph!

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Care and maintenance

A driver should always ensure their vehicle is in tip top condition at all times. Not only does this help the car last longer but it guarantees that the driver has taken all reasonable steps to provide optimal security. A good driver never drives with an error but will fix it as soon as possible.

Lifelong learning

The best drivers understand that they never stop learning and are always open to new ideas and technologies to improve their driving technique and experience. Never think you know all there is to know about driving. There can always be a potential scenario or a new situation for the driver to learn from.


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