What Are the Good Plants for Green Walls

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Do you want to mount a vertical garden or green wall on your terrace? They are very beautiful settings covered by plants of different species that become a wonderful natural decoration and full of light. It is a very special way of giving natural air to places that lack beauty, turning a soulless environment into a cozy and oxygen-filled place. Here, we explain in detail which are the good plants for green walls.

Good plants for green walls

A green wall is created when a plant is rooted between two sheets of fibrous component that is attached to the wall, or with vertically placed ground panels. The benefits of a green wall are diverse since they beautify environments, improve air quality, absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Furthermore, it is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator.

good plants for green walls

The green walls are a trend in landscaping and decoration and to create that environment is important to choose the best plants. The first thing to keep in mind is that vertical gardens have a little amount of land and room to grow. Think of it as an artificial means for a plant to develop, there is no contact with natural soil at any point in the process. So the nutrients provided to these plants will be with fertilizers through automatic irrigation.

In order for a plant to grow and have a good quality of life, it is best to choose small plants that do not suffer from lack of soil and hollow, ground cover with small roots is especially recommended. In this way, you will avoid problems of slow growth, development, small leaves, color changes, and that the plant is more prone to diseases because it is weakened. Remember that the environment is not optimal for plants, you have to look for those that adapt well to that environment.

When we want to project a green wall or vertical garden, we must take into account the climate, the type of sun, the irrigation needs, the type of soil, everything for the plant to grow, evolve over time. If the plant does not adapt it will die and the project will be a disaster. Generally, all indoor plants can be grown on a wall, but there are some that are very fragile and need special growing conditions in terms of light and water. When you choose a plant, choose the ones that can be satisfied by the amount of light they will receive. The trick to choosing plants for your wall is to group them by types that have the same needs.

If your green wall is in a sunny or semi-shady area, we recommend the following species: Chilean verbena, agatea, hanging flower kalanchoe, vinca major or minor, cissus striata, sedum, vitadinia, dymondia carex. If your vertical garden is indoors we recommend these plants: zebrina, dolar, dwarf nephrolepis, parsley fern, hanging flower kalanchoe, cissus rhombfolia, ficus repens. All these species are ideal to create your green wall, perfect for pots and panels.

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