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Do not underestimate the impact of an original and creative office space – with the right combination of fixtures and accessories, you will be able to make your unique space work for you and your business. This is as long as its efficient, tidy and clean.  If you hire a  Commercial cleaning Gloucester business from sites like  to come and keep it spick and span then the workers will appreciate this and even want ot come in to work. Here are some distinctive ideas for you to try.

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1. The streamlined urban office desk

Perfect for a studio or loft, this desk is made from a salvaged door supported at each end by bookcases or sawhorses. You can upholster it with linen and add chalkboard paint to a nearby wall or cupboard for easy scribbling. This theme is perfect if you like your workspace airy and utilitarian but still funky.

2. Dual purpose desk

You do not have to dedicate an entire room to be your home office; instead, you could try integrating your desk into your kitchen. A length taken out of your kitchen counter and raised to fit a stool or two underneath can more than suffice. Although bespoke commercial desks are usually designed to grace a purpose-made office, why not stand out from the crowd and adapt your office to fit neatly within another room of your home? Kitchen cupboards and magnetic racking can serve as storage for files and stationary, while your workspace can double as a present wrapping station or children’s homework hub.

3. Office in a box

You do not have to have loads of space to incorporate a small office into your home. With a little DIY know-how, you can adapt a basic blanket box into an office in a box, incorporating a filing cabinet, desk tidy and cork pin board.

4. Office in a bookcase

You can even tuck your office space into a corner, opening it and closing it when necessary. A salvaged bookcase can be adapted to incorporate a desk, drawers and storage, given a little creativity and basic DIY skills.

5. Minimalist desk

Hop onto the minimalist bandwagon and brandish your bold sense of style with a minimalist office space. Incorporate invisible drawers to reduce clutter, while utilising clean lines and swooping curves to emphasise space. Keep people, rather than items in your reception area, at the forefront of your business.

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