The truth behind six branding misconceptions

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Who really cares about branding? Does it really matter, and can you save time and effort by not investing resources in it? We look at six branding misconceptions and show why they do matter.

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Is it really just a logo? When you look at your emails or grocery shop, what factors go through your mind? Chances are you respond to brands that you know and trust because you recognise them and you’ve bought from them before. You’re reluctant to try similar products from a different brand in case they’re not as good. It’s this level of trust and recognition that you’re aiming for, so take any opportunity to display your logo on your email, website, marketing materials, company stationery and vehicles.

Getting the right look

Think it doesn’t matter to get the right look? Think again! Branding isn’t just about the logo and colour scheme. Your brand is your whole company’s personality, and your audience responds to your tone, your attitude, your sales process and your messages. They recognise and engage with you, so it’s really important to get the right look and tone.

It’s not for me

You might think branding isn’t important for your business. Ask yourself who your main competitors are. How do you know them, and how do you recognise what they do? If their branding is better than yours and you instantly know who they are, chances are your potential customers know them better than you, too.

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It’s too expensive

If you think investing in your branding is too expensive, think back to the last point and wonder how many sales you’re losing to that competitor who’s spent time and money on developing a strong brand. Money invested in your branding will bring in fresh new repeat business, and you’ll see the results of your efforts.

It’s too complicated

If the idea of developing your brand seems too complicated and you lack expertise, why not talk to a brand strategy agency? They will explain why developing your brand matters and will help you do it. To get some ideas, visit Really Helpful Marketing for brand strategy support.

Not for my customers

Do your customers care about your brand? Of course they do! Whether we realise it or not, we’re more likely to respond to something that looks familiar that we know and trust. Develop your brand and watch your business grow.

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