The perfect winter hat for 2019

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It’s true that we lose up to 10% of our body heat through our head. It’s also true that we’re likely to face another record-breaking winter which will see rain, snow, wind and ultra-low temperatures from now until March. For men, especially those of us with less hair, it’s even more important that we find a hat that doesn’t just look good but also does the job.

A beanie
A beanie hat seems like the perfect choice; warm, comfortable, low cost and easy to fit on any size/shaped head. BUT for some men it can mean looking like the burglar from Home Alone rather than the stylish man you want to be. Look out for a beanie with a large printed logo or sewn-on designer label, so it doesn’t look generic.

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Also go for longer styles rather than shorter, wide ones. Colours and patterns are also fine. This year consider green, orange or textured ribbed designs. If you’re feeling really brave consider a surprising men’s trend.

Flat cap
The flat cap is well and truly back, thanks in part to the Peaky Blinder effect. These often come in a choice of sizes so it’s easy to find the one that matches your head. Also, look out for one with an adjustable strap at the back. Flat caps make a statement on their own so keep it neutral in shades of dark grey or navy.

Bobble hat
It’s 2019 people and that means that men can wear bobble hats with pride, no longer the domain of small children, the bobble hat is a fine choice. Choose a quality label which means the bobble will stay intact for longer and the hat has more presence. Consider a fair isle pattern for added festive cheer or stylish stripes that go with anything.

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Whatever you choose, go for designer options which are likely to be warmer, higher in quality and look more flattering too. Designer hats can be found for less online at retailers that sell a range of other designer menswear such the iconic Farah shirts seen here:

If you haven’t bought a new winter hat yet then now’s the time as the nights grow darker and our heads get colder. Look out for quality options in either beanie, bobble or flat cap styles.

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