The best things about winter

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Many people bemoan the start of winter as the season of bad weather and long nights but is there anything about winter to look forward to? Yes!


What can be nicer than snuggling in front of the fire? Whether you settle down with a book, catch up with some TV or play a board games with the kids, those cosy warm nights can be a wonderful time of calm and relaxation.

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Hot chocolate

With the snuggling comes hot chocolate. A hot mug of cocoa on a cold night is just the ticket. Coming in from Bonfire night or Christmas shopping, what can be more luxurious than a steaming cup of cocoa?

Winter woollies

This is the season for clothing that hugs. Big, soft, comfy clothing that you can wrap yourself up in and feel protected from the elements. What makes a better gift than beautiful Aran Sweaters? Get your Aran Sweaters from a site like Shamrock Gifts.

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Bracing walks in the winter wonderland can be stunning. Whether the autumn leaves are still burning red and orange or frost dusts the grass and plants, winter is a beautiful season for getting some fresh air and soaking up the countryside.


Spending time with loved ones, great food and giving and receiving gifts is the best thing about winter. Whether you’re religious or not, there is something magical in the air at Christmas time and it’s difficult not to be enchanted by the spirit of Christmas.


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