The best actions to raise the morale of a team

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The morale of a group can be found in different stages: in each of them, it is important that you know well what to do to raise morale, or when it is already high, to maintain it.

The leader must do everything

Nothing is more unpleasant than being part of a team that nobody wants to belong. In this case, the team is usually negative and hopeless. This is often the atmosphere when a team is losing or not achieving its OKRs.

If you find yourself in this kind of situation, proceed with the following steps.

Investigate the situation

Start by investigating what the team is doing wrong and start fixing what is not working. This alone will not give a high morale to the team, but it will make members understand what the reasons for poor morale are.

Start believing it

The only way to change a team is when its members start believing in themselves. As a leader, you must foster this belief by showing others that you believe in yourself and believe in them.

Create energy

The desire to change, without the energy to change, only creates frustration in people. To bring a greater energy level to the team, you must be energetic first.

Work with energy long enough and surely someone from the team will join and join you. Then some other person will join and eventually, by contagion, suddenly the energy will spread to gain OKR.

Communicate hope

Hope is the greatest need of team members in the low moral phase. Help them see and discover the potential of the team and start tracing the road by moving yourself, because as a leader you can’t wait for someone else to do it.

The leader must do productive things

In the beginning, every little movement is a great victory, but to create a positive morale it is necessary to take some speed and be more productive.

To get the first movement of the team try the following actions.

Model a behavior that has a high performance

People do what they see, so the best way to get people to learn what you expect from them is to shape it yourself.

Develop relationships with people of potential

Any team that goes in the right direction needs members who can produce. At this stage, the team must have some producers.

If you already have them, develop relationships with them. If you don’t have them yet, then find the people who have the potential to be productive and start establishing relationships with them.

Don’t immediately ask them to produce much. Leaders touch the heart before asking for a hand and for that reason; you have to start building a bond and relationships and plan through OKR Software.

Communicate the vision

The vision from one direction and gives confidence to the members of the team. Keep to your vision continuously, before your team. Once the team follows you and really moves, then you can start changing it.

The ship must first move and then it can be turned.

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