The art of treating customers who land on your website

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Create a web page, host it, work on a good blog, and take care of design and writing. Offer the best service a customer could want. But the moment of truth arrives, you have an email and it’s from someone interested in what you offer. You have been a long season without that happening.

It is time to resort to the art of treating that client so well, in such a professional and exquisite way that he will not run away as on other occasions. The price is reasonable, your work impressive and you are sure that it will stay with you. He will not ask for a budget and will leave with the competition.

The seduction begins from the moment they choose your page

Because you? On the Internet, there are too many temptations, pages more attractive than yours, more modern, perhaps more fun. But beware, something has pushed that person to ask for a budget. You want to know your product or service better and that is like entering a pub and having the most interesting person in the place look at you in the crowd.

The time has come to respond to that email. Do I do it at the moment? Do I miss a day? These types of questions are somewhat childish. The formality is not at odds with the passion for what you do. Allowing 24 hours to pass may mean that if you need to talk to you, think you have too much work for him or her.

Have a small detail, but in good taste

He has not asked you, but you have taken a look at his website or social networks and you think he could use some advice from you. Always with kindness and valuing the effort of that person who is our future client.

100% empathy would we know how to do their job? So attach a brief dossier, which of course you will not be charged, because you take a long time without having a new customer, is a good idea. He will check that you are interested, care about and that you take your relationship seriously. Future relationship

Even if the client doesn’t ask for it, having a small detail related to the service that you have requested is not too much

Ask, listen and suggest changes

It is common for the client to have an unreal idea in mind of how their website will be (for example) and there we are. To turn that dream into a pragmatic reality and at the same time, attractive.

But all of the above should be argued very well. The reason for choosing one color or another. One typeface or another. The way to express yourself when addressing your target audience. Open your mind to other options that you may not even have contemplated but always with exquisite delicacy.

Offering changes must always go hand in hand with an exquisite argument

The time has come to talk about the budget

Awkward moment for some, the most desired moment for everyone. Actually, it shouldn’t be bad for anyone to talk about money. Do we have a bad time when we pay the electrician? Yes, if it is more than we had thought but it is a natural process. Work is synonymous with money.

Here you can open several fronts. That the client, if we talk about the design and writing of a web page, already has it. And he is clear about what he wants and how he wants it. It will offer us a link and we will assess what changes you need or if you have to add or remove text or modify the entire page from top to bottom.

Once, we have done that review, we will tell you what our rates are. Without fear. Yes, others will do it cheaper but not with the professionalism that supports us or with the speed (if it is possible, of course)

Done deal. He said yes and it’s time to work and celebrate

That said, now comes the moment of truth. It’s like when we place an order and everything is going well but then it doesn’t arrive on time or with damage. The important thing is the way, charge 50% of our budget in advance and get to work.

Informing the client of how your project is progressing is a demonstration of seriousness and commitment.

Once the work is finished, if you are satisfied, we can ask you to leave a few lines on our website. A real customer A client that others can search on the internet and check the final work. Now it is time to celebrate because a customer is a treasure, especially in these times.

Hi, I am Sagar Chowdhury; I am an entrepreneur, father, mentor and adventurer passionate about life. At this moment, I am working with depression and anxiety; here is my blogs how to recover from anxiety and how to fight with anxiety. I hope everyone will like my blogs.

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