British Footballer Steven Gerrard Net Worth and Sports Career

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Can you imagine a Liverpool idol different from The Beatles? Well, Steven Gerrard (May 30, 1980, Liverpool, England) is one of them. This English footballer was known for three things: being so versatile as to play in all midfield positions, dressing his club’s shirt in more than 700 games, and winning a UEFA Champions League by tracing a 0-3 to AC Milan. If you want to know more about him, continue reading this Steven Gerrard net worth and sports career.

Steven Gerrard net worth and biography

Steven Gerrard never had the chance to win a title with the England team. He is the captain of Liverpool FC in Premier Leauge. By playing football, he earned a lot. Steven Gerrard’s net worth is about 90 million US dollars. He charges 1 lac 80 thousand pounds per week from Liverpool FC.

steven gerrard net worth

Earlier life

Steven was a very early footballer who began taking his first steps in an amateur team from his hometown. Despite his young age, he understood the concepts of the game very well and at 9, he is signed by scouts of Liverpool FC, of the Premier League, for the lower categories of the club. There he started playing as a striker, but one of his technicians at age 13 decided to delay him at midfield.

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The years passed and Gerrard focused on his dream of succeeding with Liverpool and obtaining as many titles as possible. In November 1998, he debuted with the first team in a league match, and later got his first title with just 18 years.

At the end of the 1999-2000 season, he suffered a terrible injury that kept him away from the playing fields and made him have to be operated up to 4 times. However, hard situations are for hard people, and Gerrard would show that adversities were made for him to overcome them in his way.

In 2001, with 21 years, he made one of his best seasons, playing more than 30 games as a starter in which he scored 10 goals, a rare figure for a midfielder. During the same, he demonstrated his versatility and a powerful shot that would be worth recognition as one of the greatest shooters in world football, and that would also lead him to win the award for Best Player of the Premier League that same year.

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The following seasons served to strengthen him as one of the best players on the team, being recognized multiple times as the best midfielder in the Premier League. By 2004, Gerrard was already a reference and idol of the Red fans.

steven gerrard in istanbul

The Miracle of Istanbul: The Best Champions League Final!

The 2004-2005 season of Liverpool was a real roller coaster, with several failures that led him to refrain from winning the Premier League once again, a trophy they had not lifted since 1990, too long for what was then the most successful team of the competition. However, in the UEFA Champions League, the story was different.

They reached the UCL final after eliminating Chelsea in the semifinals, which was proclaimed champion of the Premier that year. In it, they face AC Milan, which is considered the best final in the history of the tournament.

The match could not start worse for the Reds, who saw how in the 2-minute match, Maldini put the Italians ahead, and later Crespo would score 2-0 and 3-0 in less than 30 minutes. But football is Russian roulette, and starting the second half, we would see Gerrard in God mode, connecting a header that put the 3-1 on the scoreboard.

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Minutes later, his teammates scored 2-3 and the fear in the face of the Milan players was a true poem. Then, Steve rubs the lamp again and sneaks into the rival area, getting Gennaro Gattuso to make him a penalty that Xabi Alonso would exchange for the draw; 3-3 and the whole world was poker face. Liverpool became champion of that final on penalties with a superb performance by his goalkeeper Dudek, who stopped two pitches.

After the final, Gerrard is enshrined as one of the best players in the world. Two years later, football allowed him to reach a Champions League final (Athens, 2007) against the same opponent, but on that occasion, the Italians would get his revenge.

Liverpool crisis and Steven Gerrard’s withdrawal as a player

The following years Liverpool entered an institutional and sports crisis in which the low performance of his figures, including Gerrard, led him to decline. From 2009 to 2013, he did not even qualify for the Champions League. During this time, Steven’s injuries returned, which would keep him out of play during many games of each season.

In 2015, he announced that he was leaving the club to finish his sports career in the United States, where he retires playing for the Galaxy Angels in 2016. But Steven’s life would not move away from football, since in 2018 he returns to the pitch, but as a Rangers coach.

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