Six advantages of galvanised steel

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When metals are used in construction, one of the key considerations is how long the item is expected to last. Galvanised steel is a popular metal thanks to its intrinsic protection from corrosion.

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Any good chemistry student will tell you that the process of galvanisation coats the metal in question with a thin layer of a more reactive metal, usually zinc. Because the coating is more reactive than the metal used for the part, it will oxidise instead of the part itself. Let’s take a look at some of the key advantages of galvanised steel over other materials.

Reduced maintenance

When steel is galvanised, the process helps to make it far less likely to shrink or crack when it is in use. Similarly, galvanised steel has far superior resistance to water and abrasion than non-galvanised steel.

Protection across the board

Unlike many other corrosion protection options, especially those that are carried out when a part is in place, galvanisation offers total protection against corrosion and rusting. This is because the entire part is protected when it is galvanised.

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Peace of mind

When items such as the ductwork parts available at are galvanised, they are done so in line with a whole raft of international standards. This ensures that they are up to the job, providing both reliability and predictability.

Low cost

Not only does galvanised steel offer fantastic value when it is first installed, but it also offers great-long term value. Even if the cost of galvanisation is more expensive than other alternatives in the first place, money is highly likely to be saved in the long term thanks to its longevity.


The total coverage of the process means that galvanised steel should last a long time in situ. The lack of uncovered spots ensures there is a fantastic level of corrosion protection, keeping your steel safe and well. Thanks to the international standards that apply to galvanising steel, those in construction have peace of mind that parts are free from black spots, rust stains or other imperfections.

Easy to inspect

Building inspectors are easily able to inspect galvanised steel when carrying out routine checks. Galvanised steel is easy to inspect by sight, and there are a range of non-invasive techniques for testing the thickness of a coating if necessary.


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