Knowing the important dates for accounting.

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The UK calendar has many dates for the accounting and the business owner to remember. Accountants in the Cheltenham area are well aware of them all and can help you to plan around them and for them. It’s just what Accountants Cheltenham way do.  Here are a few dates to be aware of straight away. It’s vitally important that you stay on top of these dates as Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs take a dim view if you miss them. Lets just say they are not afraid to issue fines further compounding the problem.

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The first deadline to be aware of is the first of January. This is the deadline for the Corporation Tax deadline, if you earn enough to qualify to pay it. The most important date in the January calendar for many is the self assessment form submission.  This can be the source of a lot of stress and heartache. It is a very good idea to have this planned in so that you are read for it. The deadline is the 31st January make sure that you have everything in place well before it.

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Over March and February there are many submission dates for PAYE etc either electronically or by post. This is so everything can be read for the 5th of April. This the end of the previous tax year and the start of the next. In terms of dates it is the biggest one. Most companies will base the return of their results around this time.

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