John Carmack Net Worth, Figure and Activities

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I’m not the most loyal follower of Joe Rogan’s podcast, but I have to admit he has some very interesting guests. One of the last to be added to this list was John Carmack, who spoke about his work with Facebook, Oculus, quantum computing, rockets and some experiences in the video game sector.

John Carmack net worth

John Carmack left the company he founded, id Software, to work with Facebook on the Oculus project. Much of the talk revolves around this device and the goal of constantly improving it. John Carmack’s net worth is about 50 million dollars. One of those points had to do with bringing people to experience limited by time or even money. He put Richard Branson and his private island as an example, there are not so many private islands for everyone and we all do not have the money to buy one, but with virtual reality, we can have the possibility to experience it.

John Carmack net worth

It amazes me how this type of technology has allowed us to live experiences beyond the level of video games. Carmack indicates that many people take advantage of this device to watch Netflix or share moments with people who are far away. This brought to mind the story of our friend Kristian and the way Oculus accompanied him in a difficult situation.

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Talking a little about the industry

During the podcast, John Carmack did not forget his roots and at some point spoke of crunch. He thinks that companies do not normally force their employees to work a large number of hours a week and it is the same people who decide to do the extra effort. Many times it is not living to work, but that is the job of their life and they want it to be the best way.

At some point, while talking about rockets and possible Oculus scopes, Carmack referenced RAGE and how the game took a long time to launch, due to everything they wanted it to carry. Think it would have been better to launch it two years earlier and not compete directly with Call of Duty and Battlefield. All this to indicate that you must be aware of the right moment to launch.

Genius and figure

It is a real delight to hear John Carmack speak. She is a person with a very strict work ethic. She tries to work 50 to 60 hours a week but takes time out for her family, sports, and other additional projects. When she is interested in a subject, she begins to study it so that she can get involved in it. This is how she participated in projects related to space tourism.

I was left wanting him to talk more about his time at id Software, but I don’t regret spending that couple of hours listening to this man talk about the interesting topics he knows. It wasn’t controversial like Elon Musk smoking live marijuana, but he is very educational and motivating.

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