Is shopping with a woman really that hard?

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I don’t understand why men get so uptight about clothes shopping with their wife or girlfriend. To me it seems to be almost a stereotypical thing. The man is “dragged” around shops like a petulant child moaning that it’s taking too long and that she can never make up her mind or, in the final indignity, she dares to go back to the first dress that she saw as opposed to the others she looked at. For men it’s just a simple case of going online to EJ Menswear and looking at XV Kings Menswear for plenty of options.

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Why make it so difficult for yourself? It’s a much better approach to be an adult about it and break the stereotype and here’s how. First of all, if she needs a formal outfit for a wedding or a party that you are going to, be excited about it as well. Tell her it’s great that she wants to look for it and that you’ll help. Suggest a day to go shopping for one, don’t wait for her to do it. If you have kids get them looked after for the day. Make the trip almost a date. When was the last time you had one of those?

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Give her the space to visit every shop she likes. Talk about the colour scheme and what you are going to wear or what she thinks you should. Make sure that you have some pit stops for a coffee and lunch somewhere. Try to remember this is a big deal, not only does she want to look nice she’s also doing it to look good so that you’re proud to be with her too.

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