How to view instagram without an account

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Instagram is a famous social that has depopulated in recent years. Many of those who previously posted their lives on Facebook have switched to this platform. So if you are curious, you must also have access to the content uploaded on this site to get a complete picture. If you are not a fan of social media and do not want to have an account, you want to see what your friends post, no problem, or discover how to view Instagram without an account. It is impossible to access an Instagram account without a password, be wary of tools or sites that tell you otherwise.

How to view Instagram without an account?

how to view instagram without an account

However, through the procedures we are going to talk about, even without an Instagram account, it is possible:

Find people on Instagram without accounts

There are some preliminary considerations to make. Unlike Facebook, Instagram does not make its search engine available to non-subscribers, but this is a relative problem. There are many ways with which it is possible to trace the Instagram account of a person. In this paragraph, we will try to dissect them all.

Using these methods, you can access only public profiles (there are most of them). To access the info, Instagram stories, and other private profile content, the only way is to register and ask the owner for access.

To simply find people on Instagram without being subscribed, you can proceed in many ways:

Find Instagram accounts by URL (address)

Through the address, you can see the contents of an Instagram profile without logging in and, therefore, even without registration.

  • Each profile can be reached at any time at the web address: “ profile_name /” (without quotation marks). To reach the account of your interest, you just need to know its username.
  • If you do not know the username, you can try to trace him in different ways. Many link their account on other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. You can check there. Often also, the username is identical. In this case, just take it, insert it in the address above, put it in the address bar of your browser and press the Enter key.
  • You can try other very common usernames: preferred nickname + date of birth, nickname, first name + last name, last name + first name, first name + date of birth or last name + date of birth.
  • If none of these solutions work, try peeking at the profile you are interested in from a friend’s app and remember the username.

Find Instagram accounts via Google

If a person is well-known enough and/or has a less common name and surname, you can do a Google search. It can be a good way to go back to their Instagram account and see their profile.

Just go to the Google home and search through the appropriate bar located in the center of the screen for the following keywords (without quotes): ” name and surname + Instagram, “Instagram nickname ” (for example, ABC Instagram). If you are looking for the official profile of a celebrity or institution, you can add the word “official” or “Official” (if it is an international celebrity) to the search.

Just check the results until you find the one you are interested in. You can also limit the results shown to those from Instagram by adding “site:” to the search.

See Statuses and Stories posted on Instagram without an account

In the previous paragraph, we saw how to locate an account on Instagram.
Once you have found the Instagram profile that interests us, just go to its address with any browser, even on an Android or iOS smartphone, to see all the photos posted in the feed, so even the latest posts, complete with comments. Always unless the profile is private, in that case, there is no choice. You have to register, ask for access and obtain the owner’s permission.

  • Luckily there is an easy way to do it without any registration. Use the Story Insta site. It works very simply, just:
  • connect to the site;
  • enter the name of the account we are interested in seeing the History and then press the ” Search ” button;
  • at this point in the middle of the page, we will see the Stories saved in the account tick and under that of the last 24 hours.

Attention, though no tool, it is possible to see the Stories shared only with close friends.

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