How to Unwarping Wood Easily? Easy Steps Should Follow

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If you have needed to use a wooden board, but you have found that it was bent and you have not been able to solve the problem, you can try the tips that we offer below. You do not need to be an expert in DIY issues to get good results, nor do you have to throw your wooden board in the garbage can because you only need a little patience and some good tricks to return the board of your furniture to its state original. Here, we present the steps of unwarping wood.

Steps for unwarping wood

Unwarping wood is not a difficult task. By following steps you can permanently do it easily.

Moisten the wooden board

If you want to know how to straighten a wooden board, the first thing we have to do is remove it from the furniture or the place where it is usually in order to be able to work with it easier. Once removed from its usual area, what we have to do is moisten it with plenty of water and then place it on a flat surface.

Next, you will have to place it an object that you have at home and that weighs a lot, such as encyclopedias, iron, bricks, etc. With this, we will try to make the wooden board straighten and, therefore, recover its original shape.

Now you will only have to leave your table like this for three or four days, and once that time has passed, check the results.

unwarping wood

What to do if the table is not straightened?

The previous step may not fully bear fruit and the wooden board may still be slightly bent. In these cases, what we recommend is that you moisten it with water and place, again, the heavier weight on top of it.

With this, what we are looking for is to try to recover its usual shape and that the curvature it presents is minimized to the maximum. In addition, it is advisable to perform this trick when the weather is sunny since one of the main causes that deform our table is usually the humidity of the environment.

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Varnish the wooden board

Once you have the wood straightened, then we recommend that you apply a coat of paint or varnish over it to improve its consistency and avoid, over time, experiencing the kink again. Keep in mind that this situation takes place for excess humidity in the area, as well as a bad placement of the board. Therefore, if you opt for the ideal paint or varnish for dampness, you will get it absorbed. In the long run, you will not suffer from this situation at home again.

With these simple steps, you can learn how to straighten a wooden board quickly and very effectively. So anyone can do it. So go ahead and put your skills to the test because you are sure to be amazed and continue with many other home repair and craft tasks.

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