How to Stop Tiktok Location Tracking

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Tik Tok is a new application that has been experiencing considerable success lately. It is a much loved social network and it automatically appears as soon as you open the list in the app stores. So an alternative to other social networks, which affects both children and adults. The software has a spartan facade and rich in content, which allows you to make videos by performing lip applications. These videos can be shared on the same platform and with other social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Obviously, once the app is downloaded, Tik Tok will ask for some permissions, such as the location of your device. But after you have installed the app, you can also decide to deauthorize and keep your privacy. In the following guide, I will explain how to prevent TikTok location tracking.

Tiktok location tracking

  • Tik Tok app
  • Internet connection
  • Android system
  • Latest generation iPhone

How to Stop Tiktok Location Tracking

Discover the use of geolocation

Over time, the installed apps can be invasive, as they easily intercept your position. So if you have Tik Tok installed, the first thing you need to do is to find out the current use of geolocation of the application. By subsequently blocking all intrusion permits and attempts. To begin, enter the phone settings, lower the drop-down menu and click on the Tik Tok application. Then tap on the location and check the permissions. If there is no position item, press on Security and position. While if you have a work account, click on Advanced and Position. Then check the “Always Allowed” and “Always Allowed During Use” sections. Then check if the Tik Tok app uses the location of the phone.

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Check the geolocation request

Now you need to verify the geolocation request. The moment you have activated the app and authorized your position in an approximate and precise way. So to understand if the option is activated, open the smartphone settings item and go to the Tik Tok application. Press on notifications, on the app and click on Permissions – Other or All Permissions. In this section, you can find some positions that required the app. Obviously, if this possibility does not exist, Tik Tok has not searched the geolocation of your device. In fact, apps usually require an alternative location, precise, in the foreground and in background. Therefore to change the authorization, click it and choose access for the location of the application.

Block the use of geolocation

At this point, you can block the use of geolocation on your smartphone. First, open the Tik Tok app on phone settings and click on Location. Then press on App Permissions and locate the Tik Tok app. Choose the option you want to apply and continue the operation. Three possibilities are listed. The first shows “Always allow”, this choice allows Tik Tok to use your position. While the other item “Allow only when using the app”, authorizes it to locate your position, only when you use Tik Tok. Finally, in the last string, you will find the entry “Deny”. The latter preference is the one you need to click, to prevent the app from geolocating you.

The latest systems allow a more precise localization, to remove exactly the geolocation it is essential that you check even if they are in GPS and with the presence of active mobile networks.

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