How to Stimulate Your Creativity? 3 Techniques Must Follow

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The creative ability is one of the most important qualities for entrepreneurs and modern entrepreneurs, and the good news is that we are all creative by nature (some more than others), but there are certain techniques that can help us develop and stimulate our creativity.

Below I share these interesting techniques to encourage you to put them into practice and stimulate your creative capacity. Don’t forget Albert Einstein’s wise words: “In moments of crisis, only imagination is more important than knowledge. “

How to stimulate your creativity?

how to stimulate your creativity

1. Combine, mix and match

Think of the infinity of possible combinations that you can do with the things that are around you … What products could you combine to generate new products?

Great innovations, such as cell phones with cameras and the included eraser, have arisen precisely from making combinations of products that used to be sold separately.

The possibilities are many and only you are the one who limits your imagination. Combine, mix and match everything you find on your way and you will see how many fascinating things you can create.

2. Challenge yourself

Human beings love challenges and it is precisely in the face of challenges that we bring out our full potential. Go for a walk and look at the problems around you, listen to the needs of your friends and family, etc. and start challenging your mind to come up with creative solutions to these problems and needs.

It is an interesting exercise that will keep your mind healthy, fresh and active. Begin to see problems as challenges and you will realize that your mind is capable of generating innovative solutions for even the most complex problems.

how to stimulate your creativity

Google was born out of the need to easily organize and find the information available on the Internet. A good example of how problems and needs can become a great source of inspiration.

3. Question yourself!

Ask yourself constantly what if …?

It is a technique in which limits are not allowed. Just start thinking about all those things you would like to be possible no matter how crazy they seem.

A good example is Weartrons, a device that allows you to read while running. Its creators pushed boundaries aside and wondered what if you could read while running? Well, from there an innovative product was born that already has several interested customers.

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