How to Renovate a Well? These Steps Will Help You

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Normally we talk about renovating one’s home or an entire building but hardly we talk about how to renovate a well. Yet, in some houses, the well is still there and it is a real wealth as well as giving also a certain charm and an air of antiquity that does not hurt at all but that on the contrary, makes the house even more interesting especially if you have a garden, the well allows you to use a free spring, without using the water from the network for a fee.

How to renovate a well?

You will need:

  • Mortar and concrete
  • Masonry tools
  • Submerged pump
  • Electrical equipment
  • Polanco
  • Plastic reserve
  • Outdoor coating


First of all, before proceeding, a sort of renovation project must be presented, especially if it is a very old building and perhaps in the historic center. It is always good to inquire from the traffic police to avoid running into unpleasant penalties for mere negligence. Once the bureaucracy is satisfied, you can move on to real restructuring.

It is in fact a precise duty of the owner of the well, to always keep it efficient and to restructure it if necessary. First of all, you must disconnect the water pump from electricity and remove it completely, perhaps with the help of a hoist if it is heavy and at a high depth.

Submerged pump damage

The submerged pump, which is the pump that allows you to suck water from the well and then bring it into a water reserve, is usually the element most subject to the common drawbacks of wear, since, being precisely electrical, it is easy to burn. It may happen that it does not light up or that during the ignition phase it blows up the circuit breaker.

Once removed from the water it will have to be cleaned in order to eliminate anything obstructing the filters and making it block. If you can check if the water table is active, and if the various sensors for the presence of water work. Check before putting it back in the flap if the engine works, otherwise, if it does not start even after cleaning operations, it may be necessary to use a technician or purchase it new.

Damage to the external structure

If, on the other hand, you have an old-style well, which perhaps has a water reserve at the bottom with leaks, then it will be more of a masonry job than an electrical one. Remove the bricks that make up the wall above the well’s surface and the lid without damaging them so that you can eventually reuse them if you decide not to replace them. Remove all the earth around the well until you find the leak or damage to be able to repair it.

If there are holes, they must be filled with the original material or with special products based on the material in the reserve. Never use compounds with non-specific glue because they are not long-lasting. If the aboveground part of the well is only aesthetic and there is a plastic reserve underneath, depending on the damage, it may be necessary to replace it completely.

Use of materials

If the refurbishment of the well is intended to repair damage and your will is to bring it back as it is, each piece removed must be put back in its place and attached well to the frame of the structure in order to reform the original design. If you are forced to use new elements, make sure that they are in all respects similar to the original and perfectly identical in size.

If, on the other hand, the renovation of the external part is only decorative, because maybe you have grown tired of the style of your well, stick to the original project or well as dimensions, and choose the materials in advance, starting the work once you have clear ideas, so you don’t waste time and money.

Final works

Whatever your reasons, before restarting the submersible pump, check that the external part is solid and dry. Cement everything, using bentonite and mortar, in the circular space around their envelope. Fill any spaces left empty with putty and install the new concrete platform. Once everything is dry you can gently put the pump back in the well. At this point, reactivate the pump, and check its correct operation for a few minutes. It is not an excessively difficult job but one must have a certain delicacy and also a certain precision in order to obtain a good final result.

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