How to Hack Wifi Password on Android Phone Without Rooting

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Mobile devices will not cease to amaze the world, especially Android phones, who continuously offer new tools to help improve the user experience. This is how you can decrypt the password of a wifi network through them. It is recommended to use this function only for personal wireless networks in case you have forgotten your password or for those where you have the authorization. It is an illegal practice. Having this clear, here we show you how to hack wifi password on android phone without rooting.

Being able to hack a wifi network from the Android device is a very simple and quick task to accomplish. There are also some mobile applications of the operating system that allow us to carry out these activities being able to violate the different levels of security such as WEP, WPA, WPA2 or WPA2-PSK.

How to hack wifi password on android phone without rooting?

To hack a wifi network that is protected with a password, you need to have some specific tools. Consider that they have a level of security that can sometimes be very difficult to break.

If we are thinking of deciphering the password of a wireless network from the mobile, we must have one of the following tools: a mobile app, a weak encryption network and a network with SSID or factory passwords.

The first option we have is to use a mobile app to be able to crack passwords for access to Internet networks. These apps can be found directly in the virtual store of the Android operating system. It is important to mention that not all of them work correctly or in all cases. You must try several if you do not work. In the end, you will see that it is worth it.

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Network with weak encryption

Network with weak encryption

An important factor to consider in these networks is the encryption you have, considering that the weaker, the easier it will be to break. Those networks with WEP encryption are the most vulnerable. It was one of the first to be created and has many failures that make it very sensitive to any attack.

Today, networks with this encryption are one of the most affected by the power of computer systems that are responsible for breaking this type of security. The applications developed to access this type of encryption.

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Network with SSID and factory password

Network with SSID and factory password

You can say that the SSID and factory passwords are one of the most basic and simple methods when protecting a wireless connection. In the case of factory passwords, it is best to change them from the beginning to a more secure and advanced one for use.

The SSID is a sequence of characters that usually have a maximum of 32 letters that can be between numbers and letters. Therefore, all wireless devices that communicate with each other have to share the same SSID, this being one of the main factors today that allows breaking the security systems of these connections.

Is it legal to steal Internet from wifi networks?

Most users wonder if stealing the Internet through wireless connections is a legal act. However, obtaining Internet access if the consent of the owner of said network is penalized most countries of the world. But it is also important to mention that frequently, this type of crime is not given adequate attention.

And it is that using the access data of another person, charging more consumption or decreasing the speed of your network can be considered a crime of computer scams.

Since it would be making use of something foreign and that is being manipulated to obtain unauthorized benefits, which is also known as “Asset assets to the detriment of another,” which means that it is using a wifi network not authorized.

But as we mentioned, this type of crime is not given all the necessary attention. Connect to a wireless network without permission of the owner and violating its access code is a crime according to the penal code.

But, this is because it is not very easy to get the one who carried out the crime, and secondly because the penalties for these criminals are usually very minimal. Fines of two to three months are usually placed with amounts not exceeding 400 euros.

Out of all this crime, there is also another danger with this type of network. It is due to what is the inclusion of an unauthorized access point in the network. Taking into account that, being a public network is the cybercriminal can create a network with the same name, causing users to make mistakes and enter the false network. In this case, the client could reveal personal and private data and information.

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Steps to hack a wireless network with a password from your Android without root

There are two ways to break the security of a wifi network either through an application or through a website. Keep in mind that these two methods will help you connect to those networks that have coverage and are blocked by their owners. However, you should be very careful when performing this procedure, considering that it is illegal.

You can also run this process with your wifi network and thus know how safe or not it is. That way, you can start taking measures to improve your safety.

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With an app

It is important to mention that not all Android devices are capable of decrypting wireless network passwords since not all of them are compatible with this type of tool. In general, only the latest models of Android devices are those that are trained to perform this type of activity.

That is why here we are going to teach you how to execute this procedure through an app, for this follow these steps:

  • In this case, we will use the Router Keygen application available in the Google Play Store. It is capable of deciphering all those weak passwords. Therefore, it is a good option for you to check the security of your network.
  • With this in mind, we download it to your mobile through the link provided below.
  • Once downloaded, we perform its installation and execute it.
  • The first thing that is done is a search of the networks that are available near our location.
  • The application is responsible for dividing the networks between supported and unsupported, the latter being the ones that offer high security difficult to break. Therefore, all those networks that appear in red will not be vulnerable.
  • While all that is in another color is vulnerable and the app system can break your security. In this case, we just have to click on the network we want to enter.
  • This way, we can connect to any vulnerable network and start enjoying an Internet connection.


Another way to get the keys of the wireless routers is through the router passwords website, which offers you a quick and easy way to find out the possible keys according to the router model. Keep in mind that this method is not 100% reliable, since it is many times it does not offer the correct passwords, but it is worth a try.

Also, it can be used when you want to know the key of your router or that of a friend or neighbor in case you have forgotten your password since. For this, we must know the brand of the router that offers that signal. Therefore, if you want to hack a password with this website, you will need to know the brand of the equipment that offers that signal.

To carry out this process through the website, you must perform these steps:

  • Enter from your favorite browser on your Android device or PC to the website.
  • In the main window, you will find a box where you must select the brand of the router.

Once found, simply select the “Find password” option. After a few seconds, you will see the manufacturer, model and password. If you are lucky and the signal you want to hack belongs to that brand and model, you can access that wifi network.

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List of the best applications to hack protected wifi networks on Android without root

As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, some mobile applications have been designed to carry out these types of processes. They give you the possibility to find the password of the wifi networks that are within reach of your location.

Therefore, if you want to hack the network of your neighbor or friend, you can do it through one of these programs. They are also a good tool in case you have lost or forgotten your wifi password.

Therefore, here we are going to show you a list of the best apps on how to hack wifi password on android phone without footing.

Wifi password

WiFi Password

This app is available for the Android operating system and can be downloaded completely free from the Google Play Store. It has been designed to be able to find the passwords of some wireless routers. To do this, first, scan all networks that are within reach of your location.

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Once these networks have been detected, the system will verify which of them has low security with WEP encryption, which is the most vulnerable. Under each network, the system will indicate if it is vulnerable or not. If it has weak protection, you can access it through the app.

Free wifi password

Free WiFi Passwords

This is another of the app available in the market and with which you can start looking for your router’s password if you have lost or forgotten it. Find the access codes of the networks that are close to your location. Keep in mind that in order to hack a network, it must have a WEP encryption to be vulnerable.

To do this, this program has a full scan of all networks near your location. It is allowing the connection to be fast, secure and accurate. This is how those insecure or faulty networks automatically discard them. Finally, if it is a reliable network with low protection, it can break your security system and allow you access to it.



WPSApp is an Android application that allows you to connect to any router that has WPS enabled. Therefore, unlike the two mentioned above, WPSApp will not decipher any password from any router. Still, it will automatically connect you to the wifi network with WPS that is within reach of your location.

This gives you the possibility to enjoy a free connection. A very simple application to use and that has a fairly easy and very well designed menu, where you simply press the router button and the system will begin to search for those Internet networks available with WPS.

An advantage of this is that most wireless connections are WPS, which gives you many possibilities to get free Internet access.

Router keygen

Router keygen

Unlike the 3 applications mentioned above, Router Keygen is not available in the official Android store, but you can download it from its official site directly to your mobile. It is also available for Windows and Android tablet computers. It has great support from its users who guarantee its excellent performance.

Also, it is responsible for decrypting the passwords of the routers, but only those that still maintain their factory password. Therefore, if the device already has a different key than the original, the system will not be able to access it. Like most apps of this style, perform a previous analysis to detect which networks are close to your location and which of them are vulnerable by your system.

WPS Connect

WPS Connect

Finally, we present the WPS Connect. This application is responsible for detecting which router has a vulnerable access code to be able to break it and access it. It is mainly based on the fact that many of the routers have weaknesses, especially the PINs they use. Therefore, WPS Connect gives you the possibility to know that networks that are within your reach are vulnerable or not.

Usually, this app has two methods to connect to networks, one of them is through non- root method that is only available for Android 5.0 or higher. The other through the root method compatible with all the versions of Android. You may like also: How to protect privacy on Facebook

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