How to focus on others? 11 ways to do it great

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When you try to communicate with others, do you usually focus on yourself or focus on what interests others?

If you focus much more on OKR then you need to change your communication strategy.

I can assure you that it is better to focus on others and their interests!

Doing this means appreciating people and, when people feel appreciated, the connection with them and the resulting communication is almost automatic.

Think about it, you too, when you feel appreciated by someone or someone, the more easily you give him access to you and you are willing to communicate with him or her.

If you want to connect with others, you must overcome the concept of yourself. You have to move the focus from inside you to outside yourself, to others.

We must genuinely focus on OKRS

Three questions to understand the importance of focusing on others

Here are three basic unconscious questions that anyone (client, guest, friend, colleague, collaborator, partner, etc.) places on you when you want to communicate with him).

These questions will allow you to understand how important it is to genuinely focus on others in order to communicate effectively with them.

Do you care about me?

If others feel that you can interact sincerely and want to help them, the easier it is to establish the connection.

Similarly, to form a full connection and influence other people, you should see other people, like those you would like to associate with and spend time with, rather than simply seeing them as numbers.

Can you help me?

Each of us is facilitated to connect more with people who can do good things for us. It’s just a natural instinct.

With this in mind, if you can prove beyond doubt that you will add value to others through your interaction, you will communicate more easily.

When people communicate, they focus too much on the characteristics of their product or service instead of answering the question “Can you help me?”

For example, when you talk to people, focus on the benefits your product, your service, your friendship does for them – rather than on the features themselves.

Can I trust you?

Instinctively, we form deeper connections with someone we trust.

To make more connections and communicate, you must be indisputably and totally trustworthy for the other person

Overall, if you get into the habit of thinking about other people’s perspective and then explore what’s important to them, you will connect and communicate more easily.

Eleven ways to focus on others at all levels

The main objective to connect and communicate is to know how to focus on others at three different levels or connection modes …

  • One to one connection;
  • Connection with a group;
  • Connection with the public.

The key concept behind it all is OKR Software

The connection starts when the other person feels appreciated.

One to one connection

How can you connect with people in one-to-one mode and make them feel appreciated?

Here’s how to do it: …

  • Know what they value by training you to be a good listener when you are with them.
  • Find out why they appreciate these things by asking them questions.
  • Share your values similar to theirs.
  • Build your report on these common values.

In this way, value is added to you and them.

Connection with a group

The key to making others feel appreciated in a group or team is to invite them to participate.

The smartest person in the room is never as smart as all the people in the room.

Participation creates synergy, involvement and connection.

To connect with people in a group mode …

  • Discover and identify the strength of each person.
  • Recognize the value of each person’s strength and potential contribution.
  • Invite people and allow them to drive in their area of strength.

Connection with an audience

One of the reasons why speakers fail to connect with people is when they give the impression that they and their communication are more important than their audience is.

This type of attitude can create a barrier between a speaker and an audience.

Instead, show your audience members that they are important to you as follows …

  • Express your appreciation for them as soon as possible.
  • If possible, do something special for them, how to prepare unique content for them and let them know you’ve done it.
  • See each of the audience as a “10”, waiting for a great response from them.
  • When you finish talking, you liked them.

To conclude, whenever people act, they do it for their own reasons, not for yours.

That’s why, if you want to have a connection, you need to move the focus and see things from their point of view.

If you don’t, you’re just wasting your and their time.

If you sincerely want to help people, connecting and communicating with them will become a natural thing and not a mechanical thing.

The writer of this article, currently manages his own blog moment for life and spread happiness and is managing to do well by mixing online marketing and traditional marketing practices into one.

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