How to Effectively Clean and Maintain Your Vinyl Fence

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Having a vinyl fence means a lot of freedom from the demands of traditional fence maintenance. It’s a versatile material that can be painted over, treated to be scratch-proof, and resist unpleasant elemental growth such as mold and mildew. That doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t put time into cleaning and maintaining your vinyl fence. Investing in Quality Fence Cleaning is a smart move, especially if you’re not sure about how to clean a fence the right way. If you want to take on the project by yourself, here are some helpful pointers to help you minimize damage and keep your property looking spotless.

Use Vinegar

While a lot of vinyl fences and siding can be scratch-proof, it’s still important to avoid using harsh, abrasive chemicals when treating your fence. If you have a white or light-colored fence, the best way to avoid damage and keep your property looking great is to apply a simple white vinegar solution to any spots or dirt splashes that might be building up around the base of your fence. Using a gentle, diluted vinegar solution, apply your mixture using a damp cloth or rag, being careful to avoid harsh brillo pads and scrubbers.

Mix Your Own Solution

If you have a lot of flowers or grass growing near your fence, try to be gentle with your vinegar solution. Vinegar is a notorious weed-killer, but it doesn’t stop there: if you’re trying to promote flower or grass growth, you’ll want to be extremely gentle with your treatment. Try using a heavily diluted solution, letting it sit for a few minutes, and wiping down the area with a magic eraser or another spot-removing tool, being careful to avoid your fence’s contact point with the grass. After you’re finished with the detail work, hose down the area to make sure none of that vinegar solution is left. Don’t make the mistake of not using enough, however. Vinegar is great at preventing mildew and algae growth, so it’s important to use just enough to discourage any unwanted vegetation.

Get the Right Tools

If you’re dealing with serious stains, a simple at-home solution may not be enough. If you’ve tried to keep your fence clean using just natural materials and you’re still dealing with stains, you might want to consider pressure washing your fence with a concentrated detergent. However, if this is the direction you want to go in, it’s important that you don’t attempt it yourself the first time. For your own health and safety and the health of your fence, trust the professionals to take this on.

Treat Your Vinyl

There are many ways to keep your vinyl fence strong and healthy. However, one of the best guarantees of longevity for your fence is to invest in daily, or at least weekly treatment of your fence. This doesn’t mean you have to constantly apply cleaning solution or coating. All you have to do is check up on your fence each day to make sure you’re not ignoring any potential damage. Check the metal connectors between your fence for any damage, and make sure you tackle any stains and spots right away.

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