How to download private facebook videos

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Facebook is one of the most important social networks today. Like Instagram and Twitter, it is one of the platforms where the greatest amount of multimedia information is concentrated on the Internet. On Facebook, we can find content on cooking recipes, news, short stories or reports, funny videos, among others. Do you want to learn how to do it? Keep reading this article and find out how to download private Facebook videos.

On many occasions, these videos are only found on this platform. For this reason, many people download them to have a backup of them on their computer or mobile, without using applications that could damage equipment or take up unnecessary space.

How to download private Facebook videos?

To get the Facebook video link you want to download, hover over the video and click the right mouse button. A menu will be displayed in which you will see the option ” show the video URL. ” Select it and you will be able to see a small box with the URL link that you can copy and paste wherever you want.

Knowing the URL of multimedia content is very important when we want to download Facebook videos without programs. There are various Facebook video converters on the web, through which you can download any video without major setbacks.

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In these web portals, you will find a field in which you must write or copy the URL of the video you are interested in obtaining. Then, you will only have to click on “download,” and, depending on how much the file weighs, you will be able to access the video in your computer’s download folder in a short time. You can go to to try it out for yourself, although other pages perform similar functions.

how to download private facebook videos

Download Facebook videos without programs to your cell phone

In the previous section, we explained how to download videos with URLs from your computer, but how can you do it from your mobile? In this case, there are different methods on Android and iPhone to achieve this.

To download Facebook videos on Android mobiles, you can use a website similar to the one mentioned in the previous section. It’s called and it allows us to write the URL link of a video to download it on our mobile. Follow the next steps:

Enter the Facebook application and find the publication of the video you want to download.
Click the share button and choose the copy link option.
Open your browser (this must be Mozilla Firefox).
Enter the web address in the navigation bar.
Copy the link in the indicated field.
Click on “download.”
Press and hold the thumbnail of the video that will appear and choose to save it in normal or high quality.
Select “download link,” and it will download.

This method also works for the iPhone. However, there is an easier way to download Facebook videos on Apple devices. We will explain it to you below.

Download Facebook videos from iPhone or iPad

To download Facebook videos from your iPhone or iPad, you will need an application. Don’t worry. This application is created by Apple and is not owned by third parties. It’s called Shortcuts and you can get it for free from the AppStore. Once you have the application installed, follow these steps:

Go to this web address
Click the button that says “Download Shortcut.”
A window will open asking if you want to open the page in “Shortcuts.” Click on “Open.”
It will ask if you want to install Media Grabber in Shortcuts. Configure the shortcut as requested and you will have it installed.
Head to Facebook and find the video you want to download.
In the “Share” option, click on “More options.”
A two-row menu will be displayed. In the second row, the first option will be “Copy.” Look for the one that says, “Shortcuts.” If it does not appear, enter “More,” and you will see it there.
The Shortcuts application will open. Click Media Grabber and let the algorithm process the video.
Depending on the configuration you set, it will ask you if you want to download it or it will download it automatically. It will be saved on your photo roll. Ready!

Media Grabber and Shortcuts work to download Facebook videos and download all kinds of videos from social networks like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr. Once you have it, you can forget about all the other applications and web pages to download multimedia content.

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Download Facebook videos without programs to my PC

Although it was previously possible to download Facebook videos without websites or applications, it is no longer possible today. At the moment, Facebook does not allow you to download videos from its platform directly from its website. For that reason, you should help yourself from all the other options that we have discussed in this article.

To download videos from Facebook on your PC, you just have to use one of these pages that uses the URL of the publication to obtain the multimedia content of the same. Only then can you download videos from Facebook online. In most cases, these types of videos are usually downloaded in MP3, AVI or MP4 formats.

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