How to Create a Timelapse With Gopro? Follow the Steps

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If your passion is videos and you would like to optimize the filming, you can create a timelapse video with GoPro. In a nutshell, it is a device that allows you to take a series of photos of the same scene in the same time frame. The images are then combined into a specific video just for this shooting tool that gives the impression of accelerated time. It is an excellent video montage to show a crowded market, sunrises, sunsets and blooming flowers, etc. In reference to this, here is a guide on how to make timelapse with GoPro.

How to create a timelapse with GoPro?

  1. GoPro
  2. Editing program

Use a camera tripod

Use a tripod before using GoPro to shoot a series of time-lapses. Without this support, in fact, your images do not merge correctly, and the result is an unwatchable video. In this regard, the advice is to opt for the specific camera that works well for GoPro tripods. Once this is done, it is necessary to add that you don’t have to worry too much if all the images are not good; in fact, when you sit down to create the video, you can quickly scroll through them and eliminate those bad shots.

Opt for a 32 GB memory card

When using GoPro, the advice is to opt for a large memory card which is also faster. The merit should be stressed that it is appropriate to choose the 32 GB Class 10. A slower card can be fine for a point-and-shoot camera, while the GoPro is made to produce high-resolution images and also very quickly. After all, a slower one will not keep up with the new images coming soon. Also, don’t worry if your memory is running low while you are running your timelapse because it is saturated with data since once you set everything up to maximize the result, you will only need a little patience. So don’t set a timelapse if you can’t devote part of your time to it.

Set the focal length to 15 fps

Once the images are captured, it must be said that each timelapse is different. In fact, there is no rule that determines what the frame rate reproduction should be. To be successful, the advice in the margin of this guide is to set the right focal length such as 15 fps if you are making a timelapse where clouds and sunset flow quickly, thus making everything hyperactive and typical of some movie scenes when you are looking for to make the viewer understand the time that passes between one action and another.

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