How to Create A Mini Festival in Your Backyard

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Festival season is looming, which means it is almost summer. Music Festivals are great to get together with friends and have fun; unfortunately, festivals can sometimes be very expensive, so if you’re strapped for cash, it may not always be a possibility to attend your favourite events. Festivals at the best of times aren’t always the cleanest as there are no showers and proper toilet facilities, which means we have to make do with baby wipes, hand sanitiser, deodorant, body spray and dry shampoo. If you’re someone that isn’t comfortable with the lack of cleaning facilities, then a music festival may not be the right place for you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ever experience the excitement of a festival – why not host a mini-festival in your backyard? The benefit to this is that you have the proper washing and toilet facilities, and you don’t have to spend lots of money on food.

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Before hosting your own festival, you will need to make sure that your friends will be able to come; send out a group message on Social Media to see what they think. You will also need to check that sure your garden is neat and presentable, you can do this by mowing the lawn, and making sure everything is clean. If your lawnmower hasn’t been used in a while and has seen better days, you may need to buy certain Mountfield Spares to get it working again; you can find these parts at select Online stockists of Mountfield spares or in garden machinery stores. 

Get a Tent 

A massive part of festivals is camping; get yourself a waterproof and reliable tent, and you will be away. You could get one big tent, or you could ask your friends if they have their own tents to pitch up. The best part about having a festival in your back garden is you won’t have to scrimp on luxury supplies; get an airbed, a comfy sleeping bag, and proper pillows for comfy night sleep. 

Have a Barbeque 

Barbeques make for the perfect festival banquet, and you have all of the supplies at your feet. You can buy other snacky foods, and tasty drinks at the supermarket which will save you lots of money. You can also play some chart-topping music on your speaker to give you and your friends a real-life festival experience.

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Create a comfy sitting area 

A comfy sitting area is another big part of festivals; this is so people can eat, drink, and generally chill out whilst listening to music. If you and your friends have camping chairs, that could make for a good sitting area, or perhaps a few bean bags to create a comfy snug, or you could even just lay out some picnic rugs for you and your friends to sit on. Don’t forget to place a small table, or a camping table at your sitting area so your friends will have somewhere to put their drinks on.

Create the Entertainment 

A lot of festivals do not just have music for entertainment, so why not include some games for you and your friends to have fun with; games like Twister are great to have a laugh with your mates, or you could even hold a Hula Hoop contest. If any of your friends play an instrument, why not ask them if they could play some songs for the group?  

The Finishing Touches 

For the finishing touches, you will need to decorate the garden area; you can add bunting, and hanging solar lights for the night time, and you could even scatter some fun props around, such as photo booth props and inflatable props. You could even make your own festival decorations to save some money – check out these DIY party decorations for you and your friends to make.

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