How to Clean and Dry Carpet in The Winter

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With the winter season just around the corner, moisture is going to become a growing concern for your carpet. All of that snow and ice that is bound to accumulate can pose some serious dangers to the overall condition of your expensive floor covering as shoes and boots track in all that moisture and stain the fibers.

Removing those stains can be a challenge because the root cause of the problem isn’t the wetness as much as the salt that is contained within. Salt is used as a method for melting snow and ice from sidewalks, roads, and driveways, when you step in those melted slush puddles of frozen precipitation you track that salt along on the soles of your shoes and boots. This is in addition to the dirt and other grime that can get intermingled into the slush.

When you ground all of that stuff into the fibers of your carpet, you will soon discover that stains have emerged. So when it comes to maintaining carpet, you need to be diligent about preventing these types of messes from happening. In addition to typical routine maintenance efforts from your local carpet cleaning services, you will need to take some important steps for tidying up in between professional cleanings:

Removing Salt Stains

Eliminating salt stains requires a mix of warm water and white vinegar. Pour both into a spray bottle at a ratio of half and half. Spray the stained areas thoroughly and then gently rub at the stain with a brush or clean cloth. This will help to bring the salt to the surface from out of the fibers.

When you’ve done that, get a second dry, clean towel or cloth and blot at the moistened areas of the carpet. Refrain from wiping or you could drive the stain back into the fibers. After you’ve finished, be sure to vacuum and then allow the carpet to dry completely.

Eliminating Dirt and Slush Stains

These are even easier to remove; you just need to be patient about it. Some soap and hot water will get those tough dirt and slush stains out of the carpet. Just be sure to remain gentle about the way you clean your carpet fibers, always remember to blot and never rub or you may risk driving the stains further instead of lifting them out.

When you’re done, rinse the cleaned areas with cold water being careful not to saturate the carpeting or you could allow moisture to get trapped under the padding and the carpet backing. That may lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

Drying the Carpet

As the colder months come around, you need to take a different approach to drying your carpets since the air is a lot drier in the wintertime. Many homeowners will try to expedite the process of carpet drying by using some kind of heat source, thinking it will speed things up. In fact, you’re only keeping the carpet from drying and allowing moisture to remain longer.

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