How to Choose Balcony Chairs

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If you have a large balcony on which you love to spend most of your free time in complete relaxation in summer, there is nothing better than furnishing it with chairs which, in addition to being comfortable, must also be elegant and at the same time suitable for the climate summer and winter. In reference to this, here is a guide with some useful tips on how to choose balcony chairs.

How to choose balcony chairs?

You will need:

  • Wooden chairs
  • Silver metal chairs
  • Rattan chairs

how to choose balcony chairs

Opt for wooden chairs

A first tip before choosing the chairs for the balcony is to evaluate the quality of the material; in fact, the latter is subordinated to the climate in which you find yourself. For example, if it is an area where the winters are not particularly harsh and the summers long and hot, you should opt for iroko-type wooden chairs, that is, an African quality specific for high temperatures. To make them more refined, you can cover them with damask fabric cushions and with foam inside.

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Orient yourself on metal chairs

Another tip regarding the choice of chairs for the balcony is to orient yourself on those in silver metal, which are particularly suitable for a very fine furnishing context and which go well with a modern design. In this case, the seat can be made of wood with a light foam padding, and covered with a single-colored fabric of the most varied pastel shades. Among other things, these chairs fit very well with furniture of the same nature and are ideal for creating a sort of sitting room to consume cocktails during the summer together with respected guests. Among the many pros of this type, the only drawback is the exposure to the weather in winter which therefore requires adequate cellophane covers, to prevent it from being created.

Purchase rattan chairs

A good solution which in the end is a compromise to display chairs on a balcony in both summer and winter is to opt for rattan. The advice is to buy this type of material which is suitable for rains and summer heat as it is water-repellent, does not discolor and is also washable. The rattan among other things, in addition to the classic chairs, also allows you to choose those with armrests, which means being able to furnish the balcony as a real sitting area, perhaps providing the chairs themselves with elegant, comfortable and refined white cotton cushions.

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