The 5 elements to organize a perfect wedding

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According to some testimonies of “lived marriage”, there are at least five essential elements in the organization of the perfect wedding. We list them in this article. Take notes so you don’t miss anything!

Planning a wedding is a whirlwind of commitments: check-off lists, dates to meet and appointments to go to. Among the many phases of the organization, however, there are about 5 elements that, according to those who have already married, are essential to organize the ideal wedding. Apart wedding and bridegroom dresses, what are the other important factors thanks to which not only spouses, but also guests, can experience the wedding event as a perfect experience? Music, participation, wedding favors?

Let’s look at the 5 elements for a perfect marriage …

1. Floral decorations

The flowers give life and personalize the wedding. Thanks to them it is possible to recreate that festive atmosphere, that elegance and that romanticism that cannot be missing in an event like marriage. A good florist will know how to interpret your tastes and, asking you the right questions, will know how to shape the wedding that best matches your personality with flowers. In this way, your choice and your taste can be expressed in every useful corner: from the ceremony to the tables, passing through the bouquet of flowers of the bride.

2. The right music

Music is certainly an essential element, there is no marriage without music: there will be in the ceremony, at the banquet and during the party, as well as in every topical moment, like the exit of the spouses, the entrance to the banquet, the first dance and the cake cutting. But to contribute to the “success” of your event it is not enough that there is, it must also be the right one! Your music must reflect, emphasize and transmit the mood of your wedding completely.

You will find useful suggestions and suggestions of playlists designed for every moment of the big day. When choosing the one for your wedding, remember that in order for your wedding to be remembered as a perfect marriage not only by you but by your guests, you will also have to think of them when selecting the type of live music or songs to be transmitted: if a good part of the guests were born in the sixties and eighties, they will surely enjoy a good revival moment.

3. Fun

Usually in weddings, entertainment is the second thing most appreciated by guests, after food. In order for your wedding to be perfect and memorable, everyone will have to feel comfortable and really have fun! But how do you really enjoy a wedding? Definitely playing! If you foresee there may be “downtime”, between the aperitif and dinner, for example, or while you are getting married in the post ceremony shooting, think of some fun activity with which to entertain your guests.

There is no need to spend large amounts of money to make them, just a simple idea: think of children’s activities in school courtyards, for example, or games that were organized at birthday parties, evergreens of fun and great laughter. If the reception is outdoors, organize the hanging apple game, place a rope to jump, hula hoops and an auction to play the limbo ball …

If you are a witty couple and have already provided for nice details such as original wedding placeholders and edible wedding favors, these games will not be missing in your ideal wedding!

4. The organization

Organization is everything for a perfect wedding! It may seem trivial, but weddings are a big event and like all big events, planning at every moment is really an important factor. In order for everything to go “according to plan” it is necessary that there is a timing, and that your guests are aware of it. Knowing “the agenda” will help the guests to learn more about your event and to better prepare themselves, to organize themselves for the return home, and consequently to enjoy the day more.

Our advice is to rely on a wedding planner to help you organize the entire event and to draw up a “wedding program” that you could let your guests know by displaying original signs scattered around the reception or writing it down wedding invitations.

5. The special effect

Making sure that everything is planned does not exclude that there may be pleasant surprises! The perfect marriage, in fact, will not miss an unexpected special effect.

A fireworks show, a flashmob, a flight of lanterns, a surprise animation … let the bride and groom prepare it for the guests, or vice versa, in the ideal wedding you cannot miss a pleasant surprise! It will be a striking blow, a surprise that will amaze and entertain everyone. Here are some other ideas:

  • A dance with choreography;
  • A group of balloons that came out of nowhere and left free in the sky;
  • An irruption of artists and dancers;
  • Colored smoke bombs;
  • A laser show screening.

If you are a perfectionist and want to organize a wedding that everyone will remember with great pleasure, don’t forget any of these five elements! You find all the best wedding vendors in your area to organize up and down every detail of the big event, from wedding invitations to the original proposals and animation.

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