Does Placing Plants in Bedroom Good or Bad? Keep Good Posture

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It is not uncommon to hear that sleeping next to a plant or, even worse, in a room where there are several plants represents a health hazard. However, sleeping with plants does not pose any risk because the oxygen absorption balance is positive.

The danger is attributed to the CO2 generation plant overnight, thus impoverishing the atmosphere to the charge with the dioxide of carbon. If this were a problem, however, it would also be sleeping with another person or with your pet, for example.

Plants in bedroom good or bad

Plants absorb more CO2 than they emit. So plants don’t steal oxygen from us? The truth is that the rate of CO2 production at night is higher than during the day, but this does not mean that this will harm us since it does not mean exposure to carbon dioxide that should be of concern.

plants in bedroom good or bad

What is certain is that the behavior of the plant is controlled by the sun, which means that it varies when throughout the day, and also during the night, when there is no light. But it does not do it in a dangerous way for us, because although they emit oxygen during the day and carbon dioxide at night, their amount is not worrying since it is compensated by the daytime oxygen emitted. Or, what are the same, plants absorb more CO2 than they produce, so a room with indoor plants will be more oxygenated than without them?

During the day, on the other hand, plants absorb sunlight during photosynthesis, the process they use to obtain energy and when they are in the dark, that is, when the sun goes down or we turn off the lights, plants carry out other processes physiological, including energy metabolism and growth.

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Improve posture while sleeping in bedroom

Continuously getting up tired, without energy or with a stiff neck and back pain is a clear indication of a bad rest at night, and it is that sleeping well is essential to maintain an optimal state of health and avoid possible joint injuries.
Before focusing attention on adopting the correct posture to sleep well, it is essential to emphasize the importance of choosing a good mattress and a pillow that ensure your rest and well-being during the hours of sleep.

Both are central elements to achieve proper alignment of the spine and prevent joint ailments. To make an excellent choice, we advise you to follow the criteria indicated in the articles How to choose a good mattress and How to choose a good pillow.

To improve your posture when sleeping you should be aware of the position you adopt at the beginning just when you lie down in bed. That is why it is advisable to avoid falling asleep on the sofa or letting yourself be overcome by sleep watching TV since this way it will be impossible to correct the posture to sleep properly.

Specialists agree that one of the best positions for a good rest is to sleep on your side, popularly known as the fetal position. The knees and hips should be slightly flexed without exceeding a 90ยบ angle, and it is also recommended to place a pillow between the legs. This position allows to maintain a good alignment of the spine and hips avoiding overloads.

Another recommended position for a good night’s sleep is on your back by placing a pillow just below your knees and with your arms extended to the sides of your body. It also allows to keep the spine aligned and with good support on the bed, but it is important to find a pillow that is the right thickness for excellent neck alignment. Otherwise, cervical problems could appear.

In addition to knowing these techniques to improve the posture when sleeping, doctors and experts also point out that position to avoid, and this is sleeping on your stomach. This is because in this pose, the curvature of the lumbar spine increases, which in the long term can cause an overload of the joint, generating pain in the area. It can also end up causing muscle ailments in the neck and sword.

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