Do you need to repair your timber cladding

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When designing a sleek and modern house, timber cladding is an excellent material. Timber cladding is extremely flexible, a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice of material with strong economic advantages. Oak Cladding in particular is extremely hard wearing and incredibly beautiful to look at.

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Timber, also used in architectural history, adds character and a special touch to buildings and has for hundreds of years been part of design.

In architecture, reclaimed timber continues to play a critical role today as designers develop smart ways to adopt it in beautiful commercial and residential buildings. In how we live and work, ethical trading and sustainability have become major themes, with content and supply chain options being market drivers in modern construction.

Architects are able to push the material limits, constructing beautiful structures with a number of styles of timber. As a result, for a wide variety of building plans, reclaimed timber continues to be chosen, making it a valuable material for builders and designers alike.

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Timber cladding, due to its varied nature, can be used to help define those spaces as new buildings and homes shift to open-plan design.

Timber cladding is versatile, robust in exterior design and adds professional and modern touches to buildings. In order to describe the character and design of the construction, cladding is sometimes used as a building fa├žade.

While timber is a relatively low-maintenance material, it is important to treat and stain it as it helps to maintain and protect the wood for years to come.

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