Creating beautiful hair styles for a wedding

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Girls usually want their hair to look beautiful, sleek and stylish if possible, and this is never more important than when attending a friend or family members wedding or even their own wedding! Many women have to put a lot of thought into what hairstyle they want, while some might have had their favoured design picked out from girlhood. There are loads of options to choose from, whether you want flowing mermaid-style locks, a fishtail braid or an elaborate chignon. Updos are particularly popular and a common choice for brides as well as guests who are attending an event at a Gloucester Hotel Wedding Venue like  If you want to have an updo on your wedding day, read on for the secret to successfully mastering this stunning style.

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Updo tips and tricks

The first thing you need to keep in mind when crafting your perfect updo is that the current style is not tightly slicked-back hair; instead, opt for looser, natural-looking designs that give you plenty of volume. How do you achieve this?

Switch on those hot rollers!

After washing your hair and applying a dollop of curling cream to the roots of your hair, blow dry your hair upside down and then gently brush it out. Once it is dry enough, divide it into big sections and place them in hot rollers. Once they are done, apply some curling cream to your fingers, take out all the rollers, and then run your fingers through your hair to achieve beautiful, loose, easy-to-manage curls.

Dig out your bobby pins

Bobby pins are a crucial element in the success of a long-lasting updo. Taking three-inch sections of hair beginning at the front of your head, secure each section with two crisscrossed bobby pins and do this until you have gathered up all of your hair.

Spritz with some spray

Once your style is complete, give your head the once-over with a light hairspray held approximately eight inches away from your head. This will ensure the design is secured throughout your special day and all that dancing, those photo sessions, and all of the hugging from adoring relatives.


For the finishing touch, add beautiful jewelled hair clips and pins for that extra “wow” factor.

Whatever style you end up plumping for, your tresses are sure to look radiant on your special day!

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